Well Checks

 The kids had their well checks last week, CC is now five and is in the 50% for her height!! I was so excited about her growth! She is under the 5th% for weight as usual. She had her eyes and ears checked for kindergarten and they are both working great. She got one shot and her flu mist, she is officially ready for school to start!
 Thank you to Rhonda Harris Photography for the beautiful shots of my loves!
Oliver had his 2 yr well check (a little late since we were moving and finding a new dr) He is tiny as always, just under the 5th% for both weight and Height. The DR said yup he's short and skinny. I never really think of him as skinny because he has somewhat wider shoulders and just seems solid to me but I guess the chart shows, and when you look at him compared to other kids his age he is tiny. The DR said you can double a 2 yr old's height and that will be what they are at adult hood, so he said Oli will be about 5'6", he said sometimes its a little low for boys and high for girls so he gave us 5'8" and told me to hope for the best! ha ha We don't mind our shorties! Oliver loved doing his well check with CC, he wanted to do everything she did, so when she got her eyes checked he did his too/ Instead of putting the little paddle on one eye he put it on his nose, but he could see even the tiniest shapes on the chart so we were glad. Then when they checked his ears they put a little device over his ears and told him to clap each time her heard the beep, so he just started clapping over and over really fast. CC thought that was so funny and said "he isn't even listening for a beep". It was so cute! Oliver really loves his big sister and wants to be just like her! He loves the baby in my tummy but thinks everyone who's tummy sticks out even a little has a baby in there, even himself! ha ha I'm glad we still have 6 or so months for him to understand it a little more.

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