Reid Family

Buddy #2

 We FINALLY got to meet our newest Nephew Eli! He is the third grandchild on Kreg's side and our first nephew on that side of the family. Eli and Oli are only 4 months apart. We were lucky enough to make it to Eli's blessing and share that special day with him and his parents! We just love all our families!
 Goodness Oliver is one Lucky boy to have two cousins so close to his age!

I cant wait till christmas so I can spend some more time with that sweet boy!!



These two are only a week apart in age, same weight, and two inches different in height. Their personalities are totally different from each other. Hudson is super talkative and out energetic while Oli is quiet and a little more lazy. They have had fun staring at eachother and sharing toys. It is so cute  to see them together. I cant wait to watch them grow up together!


Tree house museum

We took the kids to the Tree House Museum in Ogden. They loved it of course.



 Bull Riding

 Milking cows

 Queen for a day.


Cousin sleepover

We are in UT for thanksgiving, so we are getting some much needed cousin time, expect many posts about things we are doing with our cousins!
We had a good attempt of having a sleepover in the front room, it was wild to say the least! There was lots of playing, teasing, fighting, LAUGHING, and even a fat lip. The boys ended up in their own beds and CC ended up in my room on the floor. I think i probably got 3 hours of sleep at the most. My sister an I decided the kids might be a little young still so maybe we will attempt it again in a few yrs.



1st snow of the season

I woke up at 8:00 am to this little girl all dressed in her gear to play in the 1st snow fall of the season.


Six months

Please time slow down! I cannot believe this little guy is already half a year old. It is really kinda sad to me how quick it is going with him.
A few things about my little man:
~Loves veggies ie Green benas, broccoli, cauliflower, all kinds of squash, sweet potatoes, zuccini, carrots. I make his baby food from fresh veggies that a puree and so far he loves them all.
~ Done with the swaddle, not by choice but we are tired of getting up at night tucking those little arms back into the swaddle, next up working on getting rid of the Binky
~Starting to hold the bottle when eating
~Sitting up pretty darn well
~Still not interested in Rolling from back to front
~"talking" a little more but, still pretty quiet
~ Weighs 15 lbs 3 oz 12th percentile
~25 inches Long 7th percentile
~Wearing 3-6 month clothes
~Loving his sister and really starting to "play" with her.
~Daddy is always his favorite
~Such a happy easy going little guy we are so lucky and blessed to have him in our family! Life is better with you Oli!!


Global Market

Some friends and us went downtown to the Global Market last week, they were having a little concert with a little local kids band. Cecily got called out of the crowd to play the drums. She loved it ofcourse. she was the youngest up there but she played her instrument like a rockstar!


Movie Night

We made a bed on the floor, popped some popcorn, and watched Annie. It was a perfect family night activity.


Manicure time

Nothing makes this girl happier than painting her nails all by herself!! and she is pretty dang good at it too!