Future photographer?

 Upclose shot of her sippy cup

I sure love when I plug in my camera and up pops some amazing photography taken by my budding artist. don't worry there is about 30 more of these, if you are interested in close ups of random items in our home.

This one is my fav.

Senator Reid

My Dad was sworn in as a Utah state senator last week. He has already written his first bill. It was rushed through the rules committee and was presented by him to the education committee on Tues.That is fast! We'll see if it passes. It is a bill to amend the state constitution to give the Governor authority over education in Utah. Education uses 60 percent of the state budget but the Gov doesn't have any authority over it.. It's going to be a  busy legislative session  with about 1000 bills being presented. Way to go Dad!!


-20 outside. No Problem.

 We had fun freezing toys in water on the deck, it took less than an hour to freeze these bowls of water.

 CC didnt care it was cold she still wanted to play outside because the sun was shinning. She only lasted 7 min.


She wanted to do her own braids, she did 3. Everything is always 3 because thats how old she is. I helped her put in the hair ties.



These two are so funny lately! CC is obsessed with her brother, she is determined to help him walk, and take him all around the house. I am constantly telling her to leave him alone or not to pick him up. I know she just wants to help, but really he weighs almost as much as she does. We are trying to encourage him to crawl but everytime he gets on his belly he throws a major tantrum.

My favorite sound in the world is these two laughing together. Life is good. We are blessed!

Dressed to the nines

This girl LOVES to dress up, she insists on having real dress up dresses rather than just tutus so since all we have is tutus she has resorted to her everyday dresses. She has about 7 hung up on her bed so she can reach them and change them at will (which is about every 20-30 min). She also loves to accesorize and do her own hair. This is one of her favorite styles, its one she can wear all her "little Pretties" at once.

She already spends lots of time in the mirror checking herself out, she loves wearing "lippy"  and her "wedding ring"
Goodness I love this DIVA  girl!


Mormon Mommy blogs

We all love to read the many, many blogs out there, whether is the crafts, recipes, coupons, or Motherly advice we are looking for we love them. They have a way of sucking you in and then 2 hours later you realize you are still at the computer looking at blogs. I've always loved that through these blogs, we as Latter Day Saints can be examples to people all over the world for example: "Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs". I know I am one to always talk about the "happy" times in our life, when life in reality isnt always so peachy, but personally I want to remember the happy stuff and not so much focus on the negative things. I have a negative outlook by nature so I want to do as much as I can to keep things positive. I print this blog and want to look back on this time and remember all the fun, happy times :) So heres to more blogging and showing the world what happiness our gospel brings to lives.


: What Matters Most

I came across this video this morning and the quote at the end has stuck with me all day. "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." I know I tend to let other things get in the way of spending time with those I love. My goal this week is to do better.
"We should never assume, We should let them know."

Wagner Family Photos

 While in CA we had our friend Beth at http://www.photographyinlight.com/ take some photos of the Wagner family. We LOVE them! I cant wait to see the rest.
Aunt Paige and the Niece and Nephews
Susan and her Daughters
My Darling Cecily and loveable Oli


Tangled no more,

 There is ONE issue CC and I have on a daily basis, and that is brushing her hair every morning. We have tried braiding her hair before bed, taking a shower in the morning and then brushing it. Nothing works she always has tangles and it is painful. She cries, I feel bad. So today while playing dress up she was getting pretty.She came runnign in to show me her net "trick" as she called it.  She said she discovered a brand new way to get the tangles out. Do it herself! She figured out if you tilt your head way to the side you can brush out your tangles.
 Such a determined girl, no more tangles and no more tears!!


8 Months

Happy 8 months to my sweet boy
Still loving his binky and swaddle for bed
Not loving his tummy inturn not crawling or even wanting to
Still loving to walk with help ALL DAY LONG please crawl baby boy Mom is tired!
Babbling mama and baba
Loves peaches, bananas, pears, apples/sauce, beans, carrots, squash, sweet potato, anything small he can feed himself, yogurt, and drinking through a straw and sippy.
Not liking being fed sorry but you are not ready to feed yourself with a spoon, Not loving Green veggies at the moment.
Loves his big sister and all kids for that matter.
Finally rolling both ways, starting roll to get places.
Loving the car and going places.
Loves to be as loud as possible at church forcing Mom and Dad to spend our sundays in the hall
Wearing 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
Happy as can be most of the time. He is really wanting to be independent and on the move like his sister.

Service Opportunity

Cancer bites right? RIGHT!! It is such a rampant disease in our world today, most likely you or someone close to you is affected by it, so you know what I mean when I say cancer BITES!! (I know not the best word choice but we condone the word sucks in our house so I didnt feel right using it on my family blog)  Aside from the nasty side affects of the illness itself the treatments and the side affects of the treatments aren't that glamorous either. Speaking of treatments can you imagine sitting for 6 or so hours with nothing to do while getting yucky medicine pumped into your body? Sounds like no fun to me. Well my friend Jenny from Idaho Falls, ID is giving you the opportunity to make those treatments a little more bearable for people recieving them. Jenny's husband Mark was diagnosed with cancer Feb 11, 2010 so for his 1yr anniversary they want to celebrate by giving back to Teton Oncology where Mark recieved his cancer treatments. Jenny has set up a sort of Toy drive at the Relay for Life Kickoff in Rexburg, ID Feb 3,2011. Teton Oncology asked for any children's toys and games (adult card games as well) that are easily sanitized, Dvd's, they have a few portable DVD players for the patients to watch while recieveing treatment. These items dont have to be new, so go ahead, go clean out some of the toys in your toy room. What a great chance to teach your children about the joy of giving. Go through your DVDs and pass along any you dont watch. You dont have to be in ID to contribute email Jenny at jsteiner18@gmail.com for an address you can send your items to.
Go visit Jenny and Mark's blog for more info (in the lastest 2 posts) and for Mark's full story of his cancer journey(start back in Feb 2010). I promise you wont be sad you spent time reading it, you will be inspired and filled with new hope for your own lives!!

Our family has decided to help with this project in honor of Kreg's Dad Paul. Its his birthday today and his 1 yr anniversary of his cancer diagnosis is coming in Feb. as well. So for his birthday present we are donating goods for Mark and Jenny's project in Pauls name. So everyone that knows Paul feel free to do the same!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!! We LOVE you!!

Sworn In

 Last night Kreg was sworn in as a student attorney. He will be running an immigration clinic this semester and will be a practicing attorney for a client. He has already gotten his client and was briefed on her case. When he called to tell me about it I couldnt help but, feeling so proud of him. All of his hard work and time he has put in for law school is begining to pay off and he is able to do what he has dreamed of doing for such a long time! Way to go Kreg! You are so great! The next few months will fly bye,graduating, then studying for the bar/taking the bar and starting a new job somewhere!
 Cecily got in line with Kreg to have the judge sign his oath sheet, The judge asked her is she signed her name as well and she replied "no, but I can spell it C-E-C-I-L-Y:" the judge was impressed with her mad spelling skills!
 He's Official!
Kreg with his cheerleaders!


 Who knew sand toys made the best bath toys?!
We got some fun bath crayons, when I went to check on CC I saw this diagram, she was instructing her "class" she said. I asked what the picture was about she proceeded to tell me about the car accident we were in on New years day. She was telling me how exactly it happened and what each driver was doing. She had drawn it all on the shower wall. Apparently she has heard us talking about our little fender bender a little to much lately. Thankfully no one was hurt and we finally got the insurance figured out, so there will be no more talk of the wreck.

Thank you gram for our new bath toys!


sick days

 We player dress up. and concert. Cecily was our performer, throughout the day she had about 9 wardrobe changes. These were just two of them. She had a photoshoot as well. This girl never ceases to crack me up. She has a great imagination and is so beyond her 3 1/2 years.
Oli enjoyed the perfomance in his sister's S.G.s Even though this little guy was sick he was still a champ and went a long with whatever CC wanted. After a long day at home we are ready to get out and go somewhere tomorrow. Good thing CC has school


Back to life

 Well we are back home in MN, we are adjusted back into our routine and we are now back to finding things to entertain us that are indoors. We havent gone many places because the roads are no fun to drive on. My pictures are just of sweet faces instead of cool places. But I dont mind looking at these sweet faces all day long!!


2010 highlights

Jan/feb: Kreg gets a job at Thompson Rueters. Survived our 2nd Minnesota winter.
March: Anna turns 25. Went to Utah for Mark and Mallory's wedding
April: Got everything ready for the baby
May: Oliver Brooks Wagner Joins our family. 6 lbs 0 oz 19 in long. Visits from Gram and Grandma. CC graduates from her 1st yr of Preschool and becomes a big sissy.   Kreg finishes his 2nd yr of Law school
 June: Adjusting to baby while loving the summer
July: Trip to Utah to bless Oliver, Trip to Idaho for Wagner family reunion, Travel to WA for G&G Reid's re marriage/Sealing. Trip to CA to visit the Wagner's and teach swim lessons. Kreg turns 26
August: CC turns 3 We celebrate 4 yrs of Marriage. My sister Sarah and niece Reagan come for a visit, my first musical Wicked
September Kreg starts his 3rd and final yr of Law school, CC starts her 2nd yr of Preschool going 2 days a week w/out mom.
October: Went seimming outside in our un seasonably warm weather. Had a fun halloween dressed as Pirates and peter pan
November: Traveled to Utah for thanksgiving and baby Eli's blessing
December: Traveled to CA for the whole month to Visit G&G Wagner and to celebrate Christmas with the family. CC had her 1st ER visit, IV, Spinal tap.

2010 was an amazing year for us. There were many tests and trials and blessings. There was bad news, terrible news, and fabulous heart warming news. We gained family members and friends, we learned to rely on faith and prayers more than ever and felt closer to our savior while we witnessed many many miracles. I am so grateful for my Father in heaven and for the blessings he gives me and my family. I am grateful for my trials because I learn and grow from them. They make me stronger for the next trial that comes my way. I am so grateful for our family and for my amazing husband that works so hard for all of us. I am so blessed to have two sweet, loving children that make me feel more love than I could have ever imagined. I find myself loving my family more each day because my children teach me a new kind of unconditional love. I have new goals for 2011 and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us next!!


Special time with M&M

Uncle Mark and Aunt Mallory gave us a special christmas gift this year. They took care of our kids so we could go away for the night. It meant a lot to us since, Kreg and I dont get to much time alone (away). It is nice that we can go on a "big date" as CC called it and not have to worry about our kids.
Thanks again M&M for loving our children!