Family Photos

 We had our family pictures taken along with Cora's one year photos.  Love this family of mine!
 All Cora wanted was Kreg. She kept walking to him or looking at him, she wouldn't even let me hold her which it totally typical of her any time of the day, if Kreg is around he is all she wants! I love their sweet relationship!

 Cora was spooked about laying on the floor with the photographer standing over her. she lasted 1 second with this.

 Oli was told to jump out and scare the photographer! He loved every second of this!
 This is his "go to" smile, when we said just smile nice this is what he does!

 My sweet big girl! Cecily is looking and acting so grown up these days! She was perfect through the whole shoot of course! She kept wiggling her front tooth, she said "I wish my tooth would come out before the pics, it would look better."  The tooth is a little snaggled, but I think a bloody hole would have been worse. Love that we could capture this stage in her life!

 Cecily's real smile!

 Oliver is a superhero
 Cecily is escaping into a magical world
 Cora is literally climbing the stairs to get to Kreg!

Love my little babies!!


Losing teeth

Little miss Cecily can't seem to keep her teeth in these days, like seriously. She said she can't help but wiggle them until they come out, ready or not! It will be interesting to see how long it takes for her top front teeth to come in since they were NOT ready to come out! I've had to warn her not to take anymore teeth out until they are ready!

Cora is ONE!

                              The table display of all the yummy sweets and photos of our sweet girl!

We had a fun "sweet" party planned for our sweet girl, but a couple of days before she got sick, she had a high fever that took a day and a half to break and she got 3 teeth all at once! To say she was miserable is an understatement. She cried and cried for 3 days straight, which is way out of character for our typically sweet, easy going baby. Even though we ended up cancelling the big family party, we still celebrated just our family. I had already planned/gotten everything for the party so I didn't want it to go to waste!
I wanted the theme to be sweet and dainty just like Cora!
I made oreo truffle balls
I hired my friend to make the cake, cup cakes, and yummy chocolate and coconut candies! The cake was turned out so cute with the ruffles and sweet flower details!
I made cup cake papers out of  doilies . I loved all the little Doilie details of the party. It paired wll with all the glass dishes.
Pearl candies, strawberry marshmellows, and various pink candies. We had little pink bags to fill with candies. CC and Oli had fun filling their bags, we filled bags to give away with the left over candy. SO sad we couldn't celebrate with our extended family!
These were the coconut and chocolate candies Etna made, she is Brazilian and these are a Brazilian treat!

I displayed photos of our girl throughout her life!

Cecily grabbed her camera and joined in on taking pics of the party and birthday girl!
We managed to get a couple of photos of Cora smiling, but for the most party she was totally crying and hating the celebration!
Her dress and little bed jacket are vintage, I got them a few years ago while antique shopping in MN with Sarah. I knew I would have another girl some day and I have been planning her 1st birthday since then! Cora looked like a doll in her outfit, I can't wait for her to get more use out of it this summer!

And this is how she looked most of the day and the past few days! Poor girl!!

She touched her smash cake and even put her mouth on it a bit, but for the most part was just confused about what to do with it. We decided to try a cupcake instead...

That went better, but she really didn't eat much. She hasn't felt like eating much since her mouth hurts so bad.

Oli loved the frosting and licked it of right away!

We got a smiley, messy, cake face picture!

CC had fun filling her bag with treats. She of course wanted to save them for later.
Cora and her favorite person in the world! I love to watch Cora and Kreg's relationship! If Kreg is around he is all Cora wants, she loves him so much! She pretty much has him smitten as well.

We are so happy to have our sweet Coco in our family, this past year has been a dream with her. She is so fun and so sweet! The kids are obsessed with her and have so much fun playing with / taking care of her!
Cora at 1
Can: Sign: milk, more, all done, waves bye, says: "hi", "uh-oh", "mama", "dada" 
Walks around lots but still prefers crawling
~Milk, cuties, chicken, turkey, cheese, any fruits and veggies pureed, carrots, cheerios, pancakes, oats, PB sandwiches. We are still working on getting her to like foods with skins like grapes and beans.
~Singing, if it's a movie or the radio she loves "singing" along. She also loves when we sing action songs with her ie patty cake, 3 little fish, popcorn popping, itsy bitsy spider etc.
~Climbing she loves to climb on anything she can, I found her on top of Cecily's little table in her room the other day. She sure keeps us busy. She has mastered the stairs now too.
~Putting everything in her mouth! I don't remember the other two doing this as much as Cora, but then again our house was probably cleaner when CC and Oli were little since there weren't 2 older kids leaving messes everywhere they go.

~Being trapped ie the car seat, oli pinning her etc
 ~ when you take things from her, she growls whenever she is mad and throws her hands behind her!
 ~Going to bed

She is for the most part a very easy going, happy baby. She is getting more and more personality and vocal each day! We love seeing her personality blossom, it will be fun to watch her this summer as she explores the outdoors!