Merry Christmas

WInterfest Party at Aunt Paige's school

Cecily had a lot of fun at the party this year, she played lots of games and had fun getting the teenage boys to play with her! I have been trying for weeks to get eher to see Santa, I couldn't even get her to give him a high five but Paige's friend Matty got her to sit on Santa's lap no problem. Afterward she kept cheering for herself "I did it!!" "I did it!!" she was so proud of herself.

We are in California!!

We love, love, love being able to come to California and spend weeks at a time! We of course are staying warmer than we would be in MN and we are having so much fun playing with family. here are a few pictures of things we've been doing....

    Getting Ready for Christmas of course!

                 Listening to Aunt Paige play the violin
                             Karaoke with Grandma and Grandpa

               Baking With Grandma

                   Playing outside with Grandpa

                                     The Day before CC and I left for CA we hit up the Water park of America, It was so fun and a nice mini vacation from the cold! Cecily loved swimming and the hot tub but the slide was her very fav!!


Pregnancy update

I am in my second Trimester now and still waiting to feel some relief from the nausea, This pregnancy is already 100 times different than with Cecily. I am so much sicker or I guess I should say I am sick since last time I wasn't at all. I have been feeling the baby move for quite a few weeks already and can feel him/her when I touch my belly. I'm not as tired this time like I was with Cecily but that may be due to laying on the couch alot this time around so my body doesnt have to feel tired. Poor Cecily has gotten to watch WAYYY to much T.V. the past couple of months, It really goes against everything I stand for but I guess I have to make sacrifices for this baby already. and of course CC doesnt mind she has really grown to LOVE T.V. I am hoping going to California this week will be a good change of scenery and I can be distracted from feeling sick and maybe even be able to excersize again.

I had a DR. apt. yesterday and heard the heart beat again, it was about 150 BM, everything sounded great! The Dr. said my uterus was already pretty high and I assured him that its because of my short torso and there isn't much place for the bay/uterus to go. I am pretty positive I will stick way out with this baby just like I did with Cecily.

I'm not showing to much yet, mostly just feel FAT! But I am sure I will really pop in the next few weeks. Still wearing regular clothes for now but I think I will pack maternity stuff for our six week trip to CA and UT because I'm sure I will need them soon. I dont have any pictures and probably wont take any of the belly for a couple of months so dont get your hopes up!