Mother of Two (for a week)

Ok lets talk about CRAZY!!! I inherited my sisters two year old little boy for the week and let me tell you I have learned a lot about myself, 1. Im so not ready for 2 kids; 2. I used to think I was a pacient person; 3. I am so not ever going to win Mom of the year. It has been so fun to have Ashton with us here but at the same time I can totally understand why my sis went on a cruise to have a break. Two year olds are HARD!!! They are so busy and I know all of you are thinking DUH because you deal with your kids, I guess I just was niaeve to it. anyway I think if Cecily were a little older and able to defend herself or at least run away then it wouldnt be so bad but, I have seriously worn out the phrases "please leave her alone", "lets jump on the couch CC is not laying on" and "please be a good listener". There are times that I just want to scream and (maybe I even do) ha ha... but then I calm myslef down and remember he is onle two and he is a precous child of God and he is only trying to help or love or play and he doesnt do it just to aggravate me (well most of the time). I Def. think that Heavenly Father made kids so dang cute or else we would want to as my friend laura says "throw them in the trash"! It has been a blessing to have this special visitor to teach me that I need to work on my pacience before Cecily is two and before we have another baby join our family! So thanks to my sis for going on the cruise and her dear husband for having crazy work hours so that I could take the opportunity to be a mother of two for a thankfully very short time!


Cecily is Four Months!!

TIme has flown by so fast since the day we had our sweet little girl! It has been so fun and such a blessing to have her in our life! She is so cute with all of her jabbering and her super cute giggles! The love that I feel for her is so amazing and it grows more and more everyday. I am so blessed for the opportunity to raise one of God's Children and I am so grateful for the trust he has in me. I hope to be privileged with more children in the future but for now I just love my CC girl! Her four month stats are 11 1/2 lbs 13th Percentile 24 1/2 inches 61st percentile and I forget her head measurement but it was the 15th percentile! I'm glad she is growing slow so that she has time to wear all of her cute tiny clothes!