Gingerbread house~

Ashton and I made a gingerbread house at my sister's while we were in utah. I did most of the decorating while Ash ate the nasty candy! I cant wait until next year when Cecily is older so she and I can do one together! I stole the pic from my sister's blog so dont ask how I did it because I have no clue! Thanks Sar

Decorating for Christmas or lack of~ I decided since we are going to California for Christmas and will be gone for most of december that I am not even going to waste any energy on decorating for the Holiday. I did my fair share doing stuff for fall but I just dont think it is worth it, besides I get depressed when I look at the Christmas decor I have from last year and all I want to do is go buy all new stuff so I figure to spear the already empty wallet I will just skip out on decorating this year, besides a few cute things my mom bought me from Tai Pan and a super cute quilted table runner. I feel so lame...please tell me its ok!


Time in utah

A few of some very close friends that I grew up with. This was as Jen's wedding
CC and Ash in their Christmas PJ's
Cecily in one of her Christmas dresses posing on the couch
CC is getting so big she can sit up almost all by herself
Me and the girls I used to Nanny. they are so grown up! Cecily is names after the little girl in all pink.
Cecily and I have been in utah for over a week now and are having a lot of fun even though we desperatley missed Kreg! He is here with us now and its so nice to have him close and have extra helping hands. We have been busy with weddings and shopping (well more like browsing), crafting, visiting old friends and hanging out with family! Two of my very good friends were married so it was a lot of fun to go to their receptions, We we able to see the little girls that I used to nanny and have lots of fun seeing cousin Ashton! The guys are going fishing and the girls shopping which should be tons of fun too!


Gram comes for a visit!

My Mom aka Gram came up this weekend to visit us but especially Cecily, We had a lot of fun going to the craft fair and to the craft store many times! We found these really cute paper flower kits and so we spent one night making lots of them! As I said before Cecily loves her lady bugs on her wall so I decided to put the flowers up with the lady bugs. Not that she needs one more decoration on her wall because her room is full as it is but I couldn't resist and I thought it was a really cute idea! I made a vine out of ribbon to string the flowers and bugs on. I am not very artsy but I'm having fun learning and trying to be crafty!


Halloween day

In the morning Cecily and I went with our neighbor and her kids to story time at the library, Then we went to a special olympics party that afternoon, I didn't take any pictures there because Cecily was a little fussy do to being a bit overwhelmed by all of the people and noise. We didn't do anything else that was fun. Kreg went to the school to work on a project and Cecily and I went to bed early. Lame I know. It will be more fun next year when Cecily is a little older and a little more interactive!

Michelle's b-day party!

Cecily loved the comfy couch!

We went to Michael and Michelle's to celebrate Michelle's b-day! we had to keep Lucy (the dog) away from Cecily she was so intrigued with such a tiny person! Kreg and Michael were roommates their freshman year before their missions and Michelle and I were roommates while they were gone! Its fun to have couple friends that we both love to hang out with!