Things I love (caution sacrcasm involved)

I heart
~Long drives to "Special" grocery stores because of sweet deals on turkeys, only to get there and find out the sale starts TOMORROW. Thus leaving empty handed! Oh what a fun little road trip!

~ Middle aged women running past me and my daughter to get to the REDBOX line before me...Just to return a movie.

~ A husband that loves treats therefore because of my lack of self control the those treats will have the death of me or rather my hips, waist, thighs.

~A daughter that loves to see how many diapers she can use in one day by going a little at a time, stopping, then continuing when she is fresh and clean!

~ (Without sarcasm) Our silly lazy saturdays as a family in the midwest!


Pig Tails and Piggy Back Rides

How could you not love this girl with her hair barely in piggys and her love for the piggy backs! Please notice how not excited she is to be taking photos with her mother. and also notice the snow on the deck in the first picture. It has melted now but this week calls for lots more!!

Another reason

Maybe I have more than one reason for my Change of Heart (see post Below). I got the urge to put up my Christmas decor I know what you are thinking it is barely November but...We will be in Utah for 10 days of November then come home for 10 days then Leave again to California for most of December and a few weeks in January! Needless to say I wanted to decorate our little house and I wanted to enjoy those decorations so to make that all possible it was going to have to happen NOW!! Kreg please no comments on the matter! So here are a few of my favorite decorations. (please keep in mind we are poor, starving, college students and this is what I could do on our TIGHT budget! Some are made by me, some were bought, and some are given to me by my mom or sister. Shout out to Porter's in Rexi town for there end of season sale last year!! I dont remember how much I spent on the decor but I know it was not alot. No stockings this year since we wont be here on the big day!

P.S. CC tipped the tree over within ten min of it being up so MAYBE my family thinks Im crazy but why would I let that stop me?


A great Day!!

Yesterday was a great day and here are a few reasons why:
~74 degrees and clear skies
~Got to spend my whole day with CC
~Cleaned the house with windows open and music blaring all while the C girl danced her heart out
~Went to the park twice
~went shopping
~Found a recipe online for CHIPOTLE chicken burritos (that I love and would eat everyday if I could afford it)
~Got a little exercise
~Saw some friends
~Went to bed early
~Laughed with Kreg


Taking Mom a little to serious

The other day Cecily was playing in all of the cupboards she of course was really intrigued with the one with breakable dishes in it. I simply told her that one was off limits but she was free to play in the one with tupper-ware. I was in the same room but not paying attention, I hear all kinds of grunting from my sweet little girl and this is what I found! Apparently she took the "you can play IN this one all you want" very literally!! she is so silly!