Wagner Family Reunion

Last week we took a vacay to Clear Lake for an immediate family reuion then on Thursday we went to a extended Wagner family reunion. It was a lot of fun and I cant help but be so so so grateful for my inlaws, they are the best anyone could ever ask for!

At clear lake we had a cottage and some hotel rooms that we stayed in, we did alot of relaxing, I completed goal #55 and tried wakeboarding and I even got up. I was only up for a minuet or so I got scared and let go.. Ha ha I know Im so lame! CC went on the boat for her first time,
I think she stardet to get sea sick fed the ducks that lived in front of the cottage, and did lots of swimming in the super fun kiddie pools!
Kreg and his Bro Mark Posing for some sweet action shots Me, my sis inlaw, and mom in law went to a hilarious water aerobics class chuck full of oldies, that was taught by the most in shape 70 year old man I have ever seen in my life!! Suprisingly it was a goo work out (maybe because I was sore from wakeboarding or because we were laughing so hard during the class). As a family we played the most hardcore mini golf course I have ever played! Over all it was super fun and extremely relaxing!

Thursday we went to Napa to meet up with the whole Wagner family, then headed off to San Franscico for a Giants game, (CC followed Ryann around alot, She is 6 mo's older and so cute! She was trying to feed CC at the game, but CC wanted nothing to do with that)
(CC, Me, Kimi, Lindsey, Paige at the Giants game) It was a really fast game only 2 hours long so it was fun for everyone even CC! On Friday we all went to Angels Island for the day, we all wore our Green reunion shirts
Cousin Ethan was such a good helper with CC
Kim, Devyn, me, Paige and had lots of fun walking and biking around the island, playing sports on the grass and CC's favorite playing in the rocks! Saturday a few of us went to the Sacramento Temple with Kreg's cousin Devyn (she is getting hitched in a few weeks). It was a gorgeous temple!
While at Clear Lake Cecily Attempted a little step down but didnt quite make it with out a big crash. I think it was sadder for me than for her .



is what I keep in mind when I feel sad, stressed, or nervous about minneapolis!

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted."
                                                                 Randy Pausch

8 Random Facts Tag

Heather tagged me..1.Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People that are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.

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I decided to copy Brittani and do mine about CC

1. CC is a drama queen, She has been ever since she was two weeks old. The girl has been throwing tantrums since she was brand new and she is already starting to make herself gag..I pray that she is not one of those kids that can make them self puke on demand to get their way!

2. Her laugh is few and far between but oh so cute when it pops out of no where

3. She is one serious babe, She walks around with a stoned face most of the time but like I said before when she does let out a laugh it is so so cute!

4. She loves Dogs and pretty much any other animal, she got this trait for me, I was obsessed with animals growing up and I think she will be too. She even loves big wild dogs that give her lots of kisses.

5. She has always been partial to men, She has always been fascinated with watching them, (travis, and michael know what I mean) she will go to any guy whether she knows them or not but women on the other hand she is pretty picky about! Of course this also means she loves her daddy best too!

6. She loves going anywhere there is lots of people and noise! I knew it would be that way when I was preggo and she would dance and get excited when there was music!

7. She already knows how to swim (kind of) when she is held of course. As most of you know she lives in a house full of swim teachers so she is already a pro at diving for rings, breast stroke arms and big kicks! It is so cute, she loves any water whether its the bath, a pool, the lake, ocean, or even a puddle.

8. She likes to pinch arms whenever she is being held, I always tell her no no that hurts and then she just giggles, she is such a silly girl and can be so funny when she feels like it! I love her so much and she teaches me new things every day!

I tag whoever feels like doing it!


Bubbles w/ Grandpa

CC's Gram bought her a fun ubble machine so She and Grandpa W spend lots of time using it!! This vid is for Gram and Papa to see Cecily's walking SKILLS

CC loves her new blocks!

Grandma Wagner bought CC some blocks and by the looks of it, they were a very good purchase!!


MInnesota (long w/o pics)

We had a succesful trip to the mid-west, by succesful I mean we found a place to live! It was a pretty stressful trip as a whole. We left home at 4:00 am california time and got to Minnesota at 1:30pm we rented a car and were on our way to our first house appointment, we saw tons of places and were so not impressed with our choices, we go lost alot (which is my biggest petpeev so you can imagine how impatient I was poor kreg). We were rushing from place to place we didnt get to stop and eat or even go to the bathroom until 6:00pm that night. we ate and checked into our hotel then headed over to the Mall of America ( I had to see something that was good) it was alot of fun I thought it was just one roller coaster inside but oh no its like a full on amusement park, there was a put put golf course an aquarium on top of the hundreds of stores! I pretty sure CC and I will be spending many cold winter days there! We only stayed there for an hour then went back to our hotel, we were so tired from the day.

Sunday we woke up early because we wanted to go see another place before we went to church but ofcourse we got lost and couldnt get there before church so we just went to church. The ward is super small but so so nice! (I had spoken with the bishop and his wife before we went out there and they helped us with finding housing a little) We got invited to FHE by a couple they had said they heard we were coming for a visit! we only stayed for sacrament then went ot go see some more places. Once again we didnt end up eating or stopping to go to the bathroom until we were back at the airport heading home that evening so you can imagine our frustations being hungry, lost, and needing to go to the bathroom! it was just wild!

We ended up picking a place we saw on saturday that was a little more than what we wanted to soend but it will be worth it. Most of the places were around $750-$1100 and overall it was nothing I wanted to pay to live in, More or less you couldnt pay me to live in. Anyway we a renting a duplex that has a lot of what I wanted! My own washer and dryer, no caprpet in the kitchen, dishwashe, garbage disposal, and a covered garage for those cold winter days!! The most exciting part for me is I can paint! I am so excited, I feel like paint on the walls can make or break a house, I am so excited to make this place my own for the next few years of law school! I will of course post pics once we are moved in and settled! Kreg moves out there the 9th of august but CC and I wont be there until the 27th.


MINNEAPOLIS here we come!!!

We are headed to Minnesota this weekend find housing for the fall. We haven't heard back from some of the law schools we were on waiting lists for but, we have decided that St Thomas is where we need to go for now. I as you know have not been to excited of the idea of living the cold and so far from my family but after talking to a few people in the ward out there and learning more about what Minneapolis has to offer I am much more at ease with the idea and a little excited about the adventure! The girls I talked to were so helpful and so willing to help us in any way they could, they have looked for housing for me (without me asking) and even offered to let us borrow their car. If everyone in the mid-west is that nice then I know I will be happy there!

Anyway pray for us that in our short 24 hour period we are there this weekend we can find a fabulous place to live, that is in a safe neighbor hood, close to everything, and is super duper cheap, has great neighbors, a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and no carpet in the kitchen! ok, ok, whoa I just went off into dream land for a sec, now Im back to reality, Just pray we can find a place to live period.!!


More 4th pics

4th & 5th of JULY!!

The 4th has always been my favoite holiday! I love summer, bbq's, fireworks, Swimming, and all the goodness that comes with the 4th. This year was CC's first so Grandpa Wagner (kreg's Dad) took CC and I to the Modesto Parade in the morning, we oly stayed about an hour because CC needed a nap. Then I taught swim lessons. Later we went to a family in the wards house for a party. We had a BBQ and swam in their fun pool then watched fireworks that the guys lit. I was worried I wouldnt get to see the really big ones in the sky but I was ever so lucky that the neighbors had some really good illegal fireworks...needless to say I got my "BIG" firework fix!! CC was so tired by the time it was firework time that she just layed on our laps and watched with her cute dazed face on!

On the 5th we went up to the lake for some fishing, CC had fun with Grandma in the shade playing with the rocks and dirt. We cuaght a total of 8 fish! CC liked the fish we caught she even tried to give them kisses! We decided not to swim at the lake because it was so crowded (and beause CC fell asleep in the hiking backpack on the hike back down) the so we came home and went swimming in the pool, CC has been watching swim lessons to much she has started to try and dive for rings! She actually does pretty good when she KNOWS her face is going to go under!
We are having so much fun this summer! It is
so fun watching CC grow and learn and so fun spending our time in the sun!!