Janurary '14

 I had to include this photo sequence of my SILLY Oli! He came into my room dressed in his Sailor costume for Halloween this year and asked me to take a picture, He said he needed to have a serious face then he proceeded to ask for more pictures and told me how he would pose it went like this:
" Now I will smile and be happy,"
 "Now I will smile and turn to the side. DId you take it Mom? Can I see?"
 "OK, now I will be serious."

 "Now I will go by the door and be serious." "How was that? Can I see it?" He totally enjoyed his modeling shoot!

Oliver is so fun! He is always being silly and funny! He really is such a joy and breath of fresh air in our home! He is so happy to be 3 and 1/2, almost 4. He has been a bit whiny the last little while, so we have been working on going in our room and coming back out Happy. it works pretty well, especially in the morning, when I think he just doesn't give himself enough time to fully wake up. I know I need a few minuets to wake up before I want to start interacting with everyone.
   He loves going to school twice a week, the gym every morning and story time at the library once a week. He also has a play date twice a week with friends. This boy thrives on social time, I am the same way so I am happy to oblige! He is such a good helper around the house and with Cora. He is very good at his chores :emptying the Garbages, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning windows, dusting, helping sweep and mop the floors, cleaning his room, putting away clean clothes, and making his bed. He rarely complains about doing chores!
He is obsessed with all things super hero and ninja turtles! He loves to Read about them, pretend to be them, and watch movies about them! He even says he will be the Hulk when he grows up!
  Oli is our little lover too, he is always telling us he has a secret and then he will whisper he loves you in your ear, he is so sweet to always give kisses and hugs. Such a sweet, fun boy!

 The pictures above are Cecily's photography skills!
 Oliver was unloading the dishwasher and Cora came to help! So he kissed and hugged her until she had enough and left him to his work!
 Big helper doing morning chores.

 This sweet girl has been sick non stop this winter! (oli too) we have had every kind of flu bug, cold, ear and eye infections like in the photo above. She and Oli are both so good about it and are generally pretty happy through their sickness.
 Cecily and Oliver have had so much fun sledding in the backyard on the little mound of snow they built! Cora stands at the window and laughs while they do silly tricks!

Sundays are always my favorite day! We get to go to church and be spiritually fed and then we get to stay home and just be together! I love that the kids play games and make believe with each other all day. Most of my early childhood memories are of my siblings and I playing on sundays!

Oliver started sunbeams this month! He didn't love it his first few weeks, He said it was so boring, because all you do is sit!  But he enjoys it more now!
Cora mimics everything we do! Here she is singing the 3 little fish song with CC, she loves to put her hands up when we get to the "oh-no" part! She also says Mama, Dada, Hi, uh-oh, mimics the dog, cat, cow, and pig sounds. She signs milk, all done, eat, more, and bye bye. This is such a fun stage when she is learning and doing so much!
Cora also loves to talk on the phone, She does this with most anything she finds laying around, she will put it to her ear and say "hi" or h-lo"
CC and Oli love to watch silly you tube videos with Dad before bed!
This big girl made cursive queen! She worked so hard on her cursive to earn queen status! She is such a hard worker and does her best at all she does! She is doing great in school and awesome on the violin! We are so proud of her hard work, she is such a sweet girl and so responsible. I have a hard time remembering she is only 6 and to let her be a kid, I feel like that will be something we always struggle with because she is so mature and loves to have real life experiences more than she likes to play toys or pretend. She is always so willing to help out and take care of her siblings. She does love to have play dates when she can. We struggled at the beginning of the school year getting an after school routine down that worked for us, but we finally figured it out. She gets home from school between 3 and 4 pm has a small snack then does some HW with me, practices violin and reads to me while I make dinner, then after dinner she will do the rest of her HW with Kreg before she plays. Oli and Cora go down to sleep at 7 and then Cecily gets play time/ 1 on 1 time with us until she goes to bed at 8. We use the weekend for play dates and fun activities! She is so busy all the time we really cherish the time she has off of school! Cecily is such a great girl and such a sweetie, she is always so concerned with others around her and praying for those in need. We love our big sis!