The BIG 25

Happy Birthday to Kreg!!! You have a whole quarter of a century under the belt!! CC and I miss and love you so much see you in a week! Thank you for moving us and all ofcourse everything else you do for us!

Here is to another 3/4 of a century

Love you


Potty Training

I know I should be posting about CA and all the fun things we have been doing or maybe even the awesome trip to Navoo that I have yet to tell about but, Im just not in the mood to load pics and all that so here is a short update of the last few weeks!

We have been having fun lounging in the sun teaching swim lessons, Kreg is mostly teaching but I do help out and teach a few each day. Cecily is being spoiled with LOTS of attention from grandma and grandpa and has the attitude to prove it! She is doing so well though and learning so many new things including how to GO POTTY!!! Yes its true the girl isnt even two yet but is being a pro at potty training! After doing lots of research I found a system that is working well for us and since she is sooo ready and has been for a few months the training really isnt bad and even better I dont have to bribe her with treats which you all know makes me happy! SHe even stays dry during naps and bed time so the next step will be to keep it going while we are in Utah next week and then when we go home to a new apartment. Did I mention we are moving? Because we are! I found a much cheaper and larger place for us that will saves us LOTS of money over the next two years of law school We have been taking fun weekend trips to the lake or the beach so I will have pics to show when I get in the full blogging mood! 


Together Again!

Grandpa Spoiled CC with lots of fun toys including a pool that is just her size!
CC made a new friend

After 8 LONG weeks we are back with our Kreg and couldn't be happier about it!!  CC is loving having her Daddy back even if he does play with other kids in the pool (teaching swim lessons) all day!



Reagan Janin Jackman
Born @ 7:48 am on June 27th 2009
7 lbs 1 oz.
20.5 in long

Congrats to Sarah and Aaron

I Cant wait to get my hands on that HAIR!