Happy Birthday Kreg!

Kreg flew to CA on his birthday, so we did a little celebrating that night. We were so happy to have him with us again! He worked so so hard studying for the bar and then after two grueling days of exam taking he came to Cali to just be with us and RELAX! Boy did he deserve it! Happy 27th Kreg! You dont look a day over 17 ;) Maybe this will be the year people will quit asking us if we are in high school!


Pixie Woods

 Grandpa took us to a fun little amusement park called pixie woods. It is full of different parks, and climbing structures, rides, and exhibits. The kids loved it of course!
 CC is a social butterfly, she will make friends with ANYONE!
 Oli loved driving the tractor.
 Oli also makes friends with anyone, he loved these little elves. He kept saying story, story!
 He even gave him loves!

 Taking a rest in the hand cart
Checking out the pirate ship

 Shooting the water cannons
Oli and grandpa checking out the fire truck.
We even got to ride the carosel, go on a fancy train ride tour around the park and around the lagoon. And then we went on a big boat ride in the lagoon where we saw real turtles and Pirates,. It was a fun day and just the right amount of excitement for the kids!


California 2011

 We love spending time in CA with our family! We have so much fun playing outside, swimming, lounging, and going on trips! Grandma has so many fun toys at her house and we always find a way to get her more toys to store. This cute vanity was given to Cecily from one of the swim lesson kids, Grandma is super excited about storing it:) Obviously CC loves it, she even eats her meals there.
 We love rolling out of bed and going straight outside to play
 CC thought Oli looked like a girl in this bib so she kept calling him Olivia
When you leave your S.G.'s in minnesota you have to borrow Mom's, at least until Grandpa and Aunt Paige buy you some sweet new Barbie ones.
Many posts to follow about our fun time in CA


Duluth part 2

 We woke up on the 4th and got ready to explore and enjoy duluth. We drove a little north and found a fun little hike and this river. We loved seeing all the nature.

 We went to Canal Park to see the shops and the festivities, they had a fun but super hot park to play at. Oli loved driving the boat.
 and swinging on the tire swing for the first time.
 Kreg found an arcade, the kids loved it and we didnt even have to buy any tokens;)
 We went back to the hotel to take naps (oli was testing out a nap in the armour).
Then we headed back to Canal Park to get a spot for the firwork show. Of course we loved watching the works and enjoyed a late night out. The kids were both asleep in the car before we left the parking lot.


Trip to Duluth part 1

We took a trip about 3 hours north of the Cities to the city of Duluth. The city is essentially a big hill off of Lake Superior. The lake is HUGE and super pretty. We had so much fun exploring and seeing the beauty of the lake and its surroundings. It was our first family vacay that didnt involve visiting family, it was a great experience and the kids did so great the entire time!

 We drove up on sunday after church and went straight to the beach, the city keeps the area around the lake very lanscaped and pretty. CC loved these benches.
 The water was freezing but it felt good because it was so hot outside. Oliver kept trying to dive in, it was a chore keeping him out of the water.
 He loved throwing the rocks on the rocky beach.
CC and I posing while we checked out the light houses on Canal Park. We at a picinic dinner on the beach and walked around to see everything. Oliver loved all of the seagulls and puppies that people were walking. My kids are awesome travelers so it really makes  road trips and vacations so enjoyable and easy!


Bye Bye Birdie

 We went to a local production of Bye Bye Birdie as a family. It was at an outdoor ampitheater. Cecily loved it! We love summer and all the fun events!
 Cecily has a new love for all things broadway! This makes me very happy. We cant wait for Yes companys production of Hairspray!!
Oliver was only interested in the rootbeer float. He and kreg left early to go play at the park.