Pillow Case Dress

A couple of weeks ago my friend Erica helped me make this cute Pillow case dress for CC! I used regular fabric instead of a pillow case but it would be so so cute if you had a fun vintage case! It was super easy and once I am settled where ever with my sewing machine again I plan to whip out a few more of these babies! Its fun because as CC grows I can just throws some fun leggins or pants under the dress and it suddenly becomes a TOP! Anyway if you are interested in making one go HERE ~


Just a few random Pics

Cecily's Aunt Paige got a new camera and wanted to test out some of the settings on CC.


Carmel, Monterey, and Pebble Beach

Last weekend Kreg, CC and I took a trip to Carmel-by-the-sea, Monterey and went on the 17 Mile drive along the coast that tours Spyglass, Pebble Beach, and Spanish Bay golf courses. I had so many pictures to chose from that I decided I would narrow them down and make a slide show. We had alot of fun! We took CC to the Denise the Menace park in Monterey it is a huge park for kids! I didnt take many of CC there just because she is still to little to do anything but walk around or swing.

Kreg loved seeing the golf courses (but that would be obvious of course) he hopes to one day play Pebble but it will have to be after Law school because its over $500 for a round! and you have to book your tee time months in advance. I loved being at the beach and driving up and down the coast! It was a perfect getaway full of Kreg's fav (golf) and my Fav (the beach) our hotel was ghetto but we tend to get cheap hotels so we can have more money for activities! Plus the ghetto hotels alway give us funny stories to share!


Happy Father's day

First Happy Father's day to Kreg he is the best husband and Daddy I could ever imagine! CC and I are so so lucky to have him in our lives!
10 reasons (no particular order) he is such a great Dad/ Husband
10- He will do anything to make us happy
9- He always makes us laugh (hard)
8- He is very sensitive to our sensitive feelings
7- He is more than willing to do his share of the work around the house/taking care of CC (thanks for getting up at night with her and changing diapers)
6- He is so patient and upholds his preisthood duties wonderfully
5- He is always ready to ge down and play
4- He sings great "made up" songs about us
3- He is a always willing to teach us something new
2- He tells us we are beautiful everyday (more than once, even when we look wild)
1- He loves us with all of his heart and shows us in everyway!
We love you so much Kreguito! We couldnt imagine one moment with out you!!!
Love Anna & ily
Happy day to my Dad! He has always been my rock, the man I go to for advice on anthing, He raise his kids right and taught us what is important in life! He taught me how to treat others and to put them before myself. He gave me a passion for learning and working hard. He taught me to be strong and to have an opinion. He taught me how to stand up for myself and how to prove myself equal. He helped me gain my personal testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. Most of all he loved me everyday despite our differences and my overly sensitive personality! I love you so much Dad and hope every day that I make you proud!
love Anna

Happy day to Kreg's Dad! He is the kindest most patient man I know. He is a great Grandpa to CC and a great Dad to his children, he will do anything for them at anytime. He is always willing to do whatever he can to make his family happy! He has shown me great love since the first time I met him! I am so blessed to have Paul as a father inlaw and I look forward to more time to get to know him and learn from his example!
We love you !


Walking Footage

Here is some walking video I promised! This is from yesterday and it is amazing to see her today, she is standing up on her own and walking around so much more today than yesterday!


I had to post these photos of CC, I gave her some lasagna and this is what happens when she eats a "messy" food mixed with being sleepy. she rubbed her eyes and apparently the rest of her face!!

One more from the Tree house museum and one of CC and my Friend Brittany's baby Tage they are 3 weeks apart but he towers over her! He is so dang cute and I say they are destined to get married one day!!
The one of her looking in the trash was from Kreg's grandparents house in Napa! IT was so cute she kept kissing herself on the trash, maybe not so sanitary but oh so cute!

I found pictures from UTAH!!

Nothing too exciting just a few from the Tree house museum (my mom & I took CC and my nephew Ashton) Some are pictures from the plane ride home where we got the whole row to ourselves so I put CC on teh seat next to me and she fell asleep I ended up laying her across the seat and she slept the whole way!!


Cecily is WALKING!!!

CC is as stubborn as her Mom and Dad, I really wanted her to walk before she was 10 months but she had to prove to me that she does things on her own time. She waited 2 days after her 10 month mark to officailly start walking! Now she has been taking steps by herself for a couple of months but I say official WALKING is walking 5 or 6 feet by herself! She is doing the whole backyard and livingroom by herself! it is hilarious because the whole time she is STONED FACE and she practically runs! I love that she couldn't care less that she knows how to walk, I beg her to get excited for me but apparently I am going to be that annoying Mom that gets excited over the silly things!!

I will be posting video as soon as I can so check back later for some FOOTAGE!!


what we do in California~

We have been super busy this past week teaching swim lessons, so busy that I dont get to shower until 6:30 at night so needless to say I never get ready any more except sundays (that says alot for me) in other words I dont do anything besides teach swim lessons and take of CC! Its not bad though I mean who can complain about swimming all day in the hot sun (minus crying children), I do have a great tan after only a week!!!

SO....that is seriously all I have to post about. I did make a quick trip to Utah to see my sister's cute baby Colten but of course I am a loser and didnt take any pictures! (I stole the above photos from my sister's blog) It was fun to spend some time with my family before we go to Law school (which we still arent sure where we are going, as of right now its Minnesota).

CC has her first tooth so Im hoping the others are to come soon, considering the one tooth doesnt do any good if she doesnt have others to chew with!


Tagged again!!

You've been tagged! Here's what you gotta do.

1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
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Alright so here are 8 random facts about me...
1. I love to lay out, there is no better feeling than I feel when I am tan!
2. I have always wished I could be a professional dancer, I think it would be so fun to be a pro ballerina or a backup dancer!
3. I have over 50 pairs of shoes but I only my wear flip flops from old navy, everyday but sunday of course!
4. I love to learn...anything that opens my eyes and mind to new points of view, I also really like thinking diffrently than the majority, I guess Im still a rebel in my own way!
5. I love anything girly and pink! I love love love to shop, its what I do when Im happy, sad, and in between!
6. I have broken 7 bones, knocked out 2 teeth, and had stitches twice.
7. I really love being a mom, I find alot of joy from watching CC grow and learn each and every day!
8. I really want to serve a mission some day, I thought for sure I would have when I was single but Kreg came into my life so when we got married I made him promise that we would go on a mission together when our kids were out of the house!

Now I tag Kirsten, Annie, Heather W., Cindy, Brittany P, court