Kreg got a job with the Utah Association of Realtors, he is very excited and happy about it! He will also be doing a Masters of Finance at the U of U in the fall. We will live live somewhere between SLC and Draper (haven't found a place yet). We Leave Minnesota May 7th and are excited about our next adventure. We are of course very very sad to leave MN. We have made Minneapolis our home for the last 4 years and have made so fabulous friends that are really more like family to us! We will missed them all dearly, I have grown and learned so much from their influences, I feel so so blessed to have had the experiences we had here in MN. A man at church (who is also moving) said he wasn't going to worry about seeing friends again because he was confident that the relationships that were built were eternal and so he would see them again. I feel the same way! I have made many close friends here and I know we will meet again!!
(just because a post isn't fun without a photo. CC with one of her best gals Hannah)
 We are so excited to start a new stage of life in UT! We will be close to all our family and that is the greatest blessing of all! We are so happy to be able to see them frequently! We know we will make more great friends and are excited about our next experiences and chances to learn and grow. We feel so blessed to have a great job and have everything fall into place so perfectly!


Big news!

We are moving to Utah!!! In ten days. Kreg got a job and we are very excited! Details to come... But for now I gotta get packing.


Instagram lately

Our week so far via instagram.
CC and my matching sticker earrings
Oli in his sweet SGs
CC and Oli having a dance party
Oli getting his mullet fixed


Easter Egg Hunt

 Waiting while Mom hid the eggs.
 Oli loves his hat he picked out. He loves to wear it low over his eyes. He will keep it on all day!

We finally got around to having our egg hunt a good 5 days after Easter. We ended up hiding and finding eggs twice. They loved it! Oli kept saying there's mine eggs. They had funny gathering at the picnic table and counting their eggs.



We had nice weather today so we played outside! I snapped this photo of the kids. I have a lot to blog from last week, so stay tuned for that in the next few days.


More Utah Fun

 The Easter bunny found us in Utah. He still visited the kids in MN while we were gone but he also wanted the kids to know he was thinking of them

 CC and Gram colored Eggs! They did glitter eggs, 3-D eggs and regular eggs.
 While Oli and Dad played ball in the hallway
                                  Checking out the 3-D Eggs
 Papa wanted to do something fun for the kids on our last night so we went to Chucky Cheese! The kids loved it of course!
                                           The 2 big kids in the family.

                              Oli loved playing air hockey with Kreg. He was so happy every time he scored!
We sure miss all our family! Thank you for the great time everyone!!


Reid Family Easter Dinner

 Before the dinner the kids decorated Easter sugar cookies. They all had fun doing it and then eating the cookies before dinner.

 Ashton is getting so big. I feel like he is a real "kid" now and not so much a little kid. He is maturing and becoming a typical boy!

 Gram and Papa and their Luck 7 Grands. Ashton 6 and 1/2 Cecily 4 and 1/2 Colten almost 4 Reagan 2 and 1/2 Hudson and Oliver almost 2 and the newest of the bunch Bentley 4 days old. Cecily LOVED holding Bentley. She and I kept fighting over who's turn it was to hold him. She has a long attention span with it to. She could hold him all day if we let her! It gets me excited for one day when we have another baby, I know for sure I'll have a great helper aka 2nd mama:)

                                             Scott and Carly's totally cute family!
                                                            The Jackman Clan (sorry I couldnt find a pic where Ash was smiling normal)
                           Uncle scott brought over his bounce house for the kids to play in!

                                     Uncle Aaron pulled out the motorcycle and took the kids for rides! Oliver kept saying "my Turn" over and over until he got another turn. He loved it! CC liked it but told Aaron to slow down ha ha
Kreg also had his first ride on a motorcycle. I was glad he didn't try to take any kids with him on his first time. He almost ran over Oli when he hit the break and gas at the same time, but otherwise he did a good job for his first ride! 

We had a fun and delicious dinner. It was so fun for us to be in UT for a family party. We hope we can soon be at many more!


Rio Grand

 We went to the Rio Grand cafe in SLC with Mark, Mal, Kim, Craig, and Little E. (Missed you Paiger!!) It was a quick dinner, but so fun to see everyone. I was bad and didn't take very many pictures. The one above is Oli frozen in place while he watched the train going around the track on the ceiling. It was so cute, he stood like this for a good five min just watching.
Here is a not so good picture of the boys. but at least I tried right? CC had a fever and was so not herself so I was a bit distracted and worried about her. Wish it could have been a longer visit. We can't wait till the Wagner reunion in June when we can visit with everyone!! We are so excited for the Fisher's for their next adventure to CO! We are anxious to find out what Mark and Mal will be doing as well as ourselves. We could potentially all be within 7 hours or less of each other and that makes us really happy!!

Cousin time

 We went to the tree house museum with the cousins and had lots of Fun! Oliver was older this time so he enjoyed it more!
 I loved that Oliver picked a pink hat when we got to the cowboy room.
                                               He loved riding the bull with Aunt Sarah!

Oliver loved the sheep. It was moving his head back and forth, Live thought it was so cool. He kept saying hi Sheep and trying to give kisses through the fence.
                                           Hudson on the other hand was totally spooked! (look how great Carly looks. Her baby was only 5 days old and she looked like she was never pregnant!)
                                                 CC riding like a pro!

                                               The kids were all wanting to be the teacher at the school. We decided everyone could be the teacher!
                                   Reagan is such a cutie!
                                              CC was loving her life being a pediatrician. She is obsessed with being a Dr. especially for the "Mamas and the babies"
 Oli loved it too. He would get the instrument to check the reflexes (not sure of its name) and hit the babies with it and then tell the baby sorry and give it a kiss. Ha ha he is a wild man!
Dressed up like a super hero, astronaut, Hudson, police man and gangster mailman.
Ashton loves being the oldest and being in Charge, CC loves to boss the little kids, and really looks up to Ash! The kids are all so cute together, I love watching them play and have time together!


Lookout Mountain

 We cheered when we finally spotted the mountains!! We miss them when we are home in MN!
 The beautiful winter view from lookout mountain. I was hoping to spot some wildlife.
              Kreg and the kids with the animal puppets. Oli was getting attacked by an owl!
                           CC playing in the owl's nest, oli had fun throwing the eggs around.

 The kids had fun doing all the coloring and tracing activities. CC loved the butterfly etching.
                                     Oli was fascinated with the "stuffed" animals.
We even saw a herd of as CC calls them "Buffalums". They were running around like little kids, ramming each other in the heads. It was fun to watch. It was almost cute, but really how "cute" can buffalo be? It was funny because I am so out of it when it comes to being in the mountains with the snow. I was freaking out about Kreg driving on the steep roads, I kept telling him to slow down and be careful. I was so nervous we would drive off the road and end up in some canyon! You would never have guessed I learned to drive in the snow and had drivers ed, driving up mountains. ha ha I guess I am used to our flat roads in MN.

While we were on our drive I kept telling Kreg that I hoped he would get a job interview in Utah at one of the firms he had recently applied to. I wanted it so we could drive the 7 more hours to UT so I could see my family and Scott and Carly's new baby Bentley. Well we just got down into the valley and Kreg got a phone call for a phone interview from one of the UT firms. After I told him to call them back and tell them we would be in UT tomorrow and ask if he could do his 2nd interview while we were there. Well they said yes!! So Wednesday we woke up to a feverish Oliver. Dan and Stacy helped us figure out which DR to take him to, we ended up going to the ER because of insurance reasons. Just as I knew our little man had ear infections again! Well Kreg had an interview in Broomfield, CO (which I really liked so I am fine if we move there.) So I had the DR send the prescription to a Walmart there, We dropped Kreg off at his interview and then went to the store to get the meds and get some stuff for the drive to UT. The weather was really warm and pretty so I let the kids get out and run around some (well just CC because Oli was not feeling well at all and had no energy to move from his car seat let alone run) We also drove around to see the area and some neighborhoods. I was really impressed with the cleanliness and structure of the town! After the interview, which ended up being 3 interviews we headed off to Ut! The kids did great on the drive, It was the perfect day for a sick little Oli to just rest and watch shows, Kreg loved driving through Wyoming (he thought it was so gorgeous. He must be a country boy at heart) I was just so excited to get there! We ended up arriving at Gram and Papa's around 10pm and we were sooo happy!