Rio Grand

 We went to the Rio Grand cafe in SLC with Mark, Mal, Kim, Craig, and Little E. (Missed you Paiger!!) It was a quick dinner, but so fun to see everyone. I was bad and didn't take very many pictures. The one above is Oli frozen in place while he watched the train going around the track on the ceiling. It was so cute, he stood like this for a good five min just watching.
Here is a not so good picture of the boys. but at least I tried right? CC had a fever and was so not herself so I was a bit distracted and worried about her. Wish it could have been a longer visit. We can't wait till the Wagner reunion in June when we can visit with everyone!! We are so excited for the Fisher's for their next adventure to CO! We are anxious to find out what Mark and Mal will be doing as well as ourselves. We could potentially all be within 7 hours or less of each other and that makes us really happy!!

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