A road trip

 We started our trip to Colorado off with a bang! It was 6 a.m., we were an hour into our trip and Oliver started coughing which lead to puking. UGH! I was turned around the passenger seat leaning over trying to catch barf and clean oli up. We had to stop and change his clothes, stuff his soiled clothes and blanket in the trunk and wash my hands! Gross. We were on our way again and a few hours later CC got a bloody nose. Thank goodness I packed a roll of paper towels! Otherwise the day was super smooth, the kids didn't complain about being in the car for 14 hours.

                                     We took a few breaks to pick flowers and run around!

                              One of our first things we did in CO was hit up the Mall...are you surprised? We went to check out some areas in the suburbs of Denver. The weather was foggy and snowy so the visibility from the car wasn't the best for checking out neighborhoods so when spotted the mall we didn't hesitate. It was a great mall too! Exactly what I would expect from a Colorado mall, it had a cabin feel, It was like being in a luxury cabin in the mountains! The kids loved the animal statues.

 The Easter bunny was there too! There was a sign telling me not to take pictures with my camera, but I was done by the time Kreg noticed it. oops.
When we drove into Denver it was cloudy so we couldn't see any mountains, Kreg and I were really confused because we thought it was like Utah and the city would be right on the bench of the mountains. We were just laughing because the areas we were driving through were not very nice and there was a lot of construction/graffiti. Needless to say were were a bit surprised by the conditions of the city. It wasn't horrible we just expected different.
  We stayed with Uncle Dan and Aunt Stacy in Littleton. They were so sweet to have us and a lot of fun to visit with! They had a basement full of tons of sweet toys for the kids (uncle Dan (or Dang like CC kept calling him) was a lot of fun to play with!) I had so much fun getting to know Aunt Stacy better too! The first day we woke up to a winter wonderland! Kreg felt so bad (he wanted me to see CO at its best so I would be happy to possibly relocate there) I just kept telling him it was fine and I just thought it was funny! We did our thing at the mall and then drove to the mountains. We went to Lookout mountain and the little museum they had. It was really neat and the kids loved it! They had little activities for the kids to do. We had the whole museum to ourselves. Even though we couldn't see to far out because of the weather it was still a gorgeous view! Kreg got the itch for snowboarding while we were up there!

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