2 Year Photo Shoot

My friend Alli is an amazing photographer and I was lucky enough to have her do Cecily's pics. We did them down town and at the stone arch bridge. Cecily was serious most of the time which I expected but we did get a few good smiles when I threatened to tickle her or when I would do some crazy cheer leading jumps! Thanks to Alli for letting us Borrow her little girls cute coat! It was perfect! Especially since it was a little windy.
Cecily loves my shoes especially my heels one morning she came out with her "Mancy"(Fancy nancy) purse and my red heels.
Remember this cute Halloween pillowcase dress my Mom made CC last year. (Check out that hair)
I thought for sure this year she would have grown so much it would just be a shirt but im guessing it will be a dress for a couple more Halloweens!Every night before bed Cecily gets to pick a story to read and every night she picks Fancy nancy. She is a girl after my own heart. We LOVE being fancy!

Fall Break

Kreg has been home with us all week since he didn't have school because of his fall break. I really wanted to go out of town for the break but since the funds or lack of don't allow for that we did fun things together as a family....We took Cecily to her first Pro B-ball game, Kreg got free tickets to the Timber Wolves vs. the bulls pre-season game. below are random pics of us before we left CC wanted to pose with her parents.

We went to an early movie yesterday and saw Cloudy with a chance of meatballs It was a cute movie but I think we all enjoyed the movie popcorn the best!

We went to the science museum in St Paul, we spent alot of time playing at the mall becuase we got our first snow so it was to cold to go out or at least to cold for me! Cecily and I did go out for a bit and made a snowman. Sorry no pics of that.

Cecily's Gram sent her some felt food for her kitchen which she is loving! and of course the bike Gram got her for her b-day! Thanks Gram and papa

I just want to say I have the best husband he has been letting me have a break from my everyday life and has totally taken over taking care of the house and cecily and even me! Thanks babe for such a relaxing week! We loved having you home with us!


Cecily says

~We were in the store with some friends, my friend called my name. I called back "we are by the food" CC said"MOM SHHHH the corn is sleeping"

~In the car today I was listening to Death Cab and Cecily yelled at me "TURN IT OFF" over and over Me: "why?" CC: "acause I dont like it"

~Me: How old are you?
CC: I'm 2!!!
me: oh you had a birthday and now you are 2?
CC: Yea its over but I get Christmas presents soon!

~Cecily's new thing is calling Kreg and I by our first names instead of mom and dad. Its funny but we are constantly reminding her that we are Mom and Dad to her.
I put on a sweater CC says "you cold Anna?"

She has a hard time whenever I leave her at nursery or school so the other day about an hour before we left for school she started to cry and said "I dont want it kids, I dont want it school" I kept reassuring her that I always come back and get her. She may never get over the speration anxiety.