Drive in Movie

We went as a family last month to see the new Movie "Brave" at the drive in. It was such a fun FHE! The kids loved it! Oli loved the treats the best!


Wagner Family Reunion

We had the Wagner family Reunion at Aspen Grove this year and it was so fun! That place is great! We hope to go back again with our family at some point! We are so grateful to Great Grandma and Grandpa Wagner for putting such a great reunion together!
The great thing about Aspen Grove is there is so much to do for each age group. The kids go with their age groups everyday (including babies) and do fun activities! The adults can go to lectures (similar to EFY) or play sports or just relax. It was so nice to have my kids happy and occupied and well taken care of while I had some adult time or just time to myself!
The first night we were there we had dinner and visited with family, Sunday we had church, sacrament meeting was outside which was fun but super distracting for kids. The kids then went to primary and nursery like usual while we went to our classes. There was a fireside that evening and family time. Monday we went to lectures while the kids played in their groups. The talent show was that night and Cecily Sang a solo "when I am Baptized" (because its a song about rainbows ha ha) she was the second act in the show, she did great and wasn't nervous at all! About half way through the show a girl sitting on the row behind us leaned forward and told CC she did great, CC didnt really respond so I told her to say thank you. She told the girl thanks and then looked at me "what is she talking about mom?" I said "the song you just sang in front of everyone!" She said "Oh". I asked her if she forgot that she had sang and she said YES! ha ha only a girl with as much confidence as her would sing a solo in front a huge group and then just forget about it ha ha
The rest of the days we did fun things like go on a hike to Stewart falls, do the ropes course, play some sports against other teams/people. They had water follies for the families to participate in our team was the Wagner Giants. Cecily still will sing our cheer from time to time. There was a fun frontier night at the little old fashioned western town they have with lots of fun games and activities like shooting guns, archery, train rides, pioneer games etc.. , we swam a few times and even did water aerobics! 
When Cecily's group did the rock climbing I got to watch , it was so fun to see my little girl rock it on the rock wall in jelly sandals no less! She scaled the wall all the way to the top in no time! She is so fearless and confident! I learn from her example all the time!

We had so much spending time with extended family we don't see very often and just relaxing! I feel so blessed to be apart of the Wagner family! They are all so loving and kind!
I didnt take very many pictures, mostly because I kept forgetting my camera and the kids were off doing their own thing with their groups. but here are some I did get or steal from families FB/blogs!
                                       Loving spending lots of time with Grandma
                             Water follie games, CC had so much fun playing with cousins!
                                      The Wagner Giants singing their cheer!

                                 CC rehearsing for her solo, cousin Joseph played the piano for her
                                         CC took about 100 photos of Paige playing her violin at the talent show
                                          Kreg and I on our hike to Stewart falls

There were lots of butterflies all around the camp and CC managed to catch one on her finger!
                      The People who started the family! What great examples they are!
                                     Little Indian girls at the frontier night

                                     CC rock climbing! she ended up blazing past that little boy!
                                     SO proud of her good job climbing!
                                 Water aerobics! I used to teach water aerobics classes and until this I forgot how fun and what good workouts they are!

CC group did a little performance and sang a song

                                    Cute Hazel and I watching Devyn fix all the ladies up right!
Potato sack races at the water follies!
Its been an adjustment coming home and having to take care of my kids full time and actually make meals!