This was our second year in a row we were able to go up to Scott and Carly's house for the family Halloween party! We are loving all the family time we get now. The kids had so much fun playing together and going trick-or-treating! We had yummy homemade soups and rolls for dinner and then homemade donuts and hot cocoa after trick-or-treating. Even though it was a balmy 75 degrees out! It felt HOT!
 All the kids, I sat in to show off the baby in my belly and hold little Bentley! Ashton (Harry Potter), Cecily (Rapunzel), Colten (Rocketeer), Reagan (super girl), Hudson (blue Monster) Oliver (pirate), Bentley (lobster), Me (snow White)
 Gram and all her Grands!

                                                                  My kiddos and me.

 And just for fun, here is some pictures of my little Halloween display. The kids did good about not eating the candy corn because it was Decoration. Oliver tried telling his little friend he couldn't play with his cars because they were decoration. ha ha
 Close ups of my Haunted village.


Tour of the Capitol (papa's Work)

 Papa and Gram took us for a tour of Papa's work. I hadn't been inside the capitol since I was in grade school and never seen where Dad spends so much of his life when the Senate is in session. We didn't get to see his actual office because he forgot his Key but we got to see the Senate building and part of the House of Representatives building and of course the Senate floor where all the bills are passed and the voting happens. This is Dad's Desk.
 CC was pretending to be the Senate President and was reciting the pledge of Allegiance.

 I told her to stand by the flag and so she had to pose of course!
                                                    Oli and I playing President.
 Our family on the marble stairs in the Capitol. Its fun re-learning some of the state's history now that I am back to being a UT resident.
 Papa showing the kids the seagulls on the ceiling. The Dome part of the Capitol.
The kids posing with Brigham Young. Apparently holding his finger is the thing to do!


Halloween Parties

 The Friday before Halloween CC had her Halloween Parade at school and we also had our ward chili cook-off/carnival. Cecily had fun going around to "all the Graders" and showing off her costume. She decided to be Bell for the parade at school and was Rapunzel for the rest of our Halloween festivities. She decided to hold her dress out for the entire parade as pictured above. She is so theatrical and such a diva!
 Cecily and her friend Emily, both Bell. Notice how much smaller CC is than the rest of her class, sometimes she says things about it and is a little sad she is small. I just tell her everyone is  shaped different and I can usually calm her by reminding her about her shorty Aunties she has on the Wagner side!

 This is the ward Parade, they got so much candy this year! Oli loved being a Pirate!

 So happy about their face paintings! CC was talking when I took the picture but she was so excited about getting her face painted! She and Kreg had gone to Lagoon a couple of weeks before and she begged him to get her face painted but it costs an arm and a leg so she was happy to finally get it done!
 Oli was smiling funny because of the paint ha ha
 Oli waiting his turn to have a go at the basketball game. He rocked it of course!

 Traditional fishing game. Oliver loved it, since he had so much practice fishing with Dad this summer. He totally cast it over the top of the wall!
 My cuties all ready to go!

The kids had a blast playing all the fun games and seeing their friends all dressed up! Halloween is really growing on me and becoming one of my favorite holidays!


Great Grammi and Gramps visit

 My Grammi and Gramps (my Mom's Parents) came through Utah on their way to their winter home in Palm Dessert, CA They usually come through on their way to and from their summer home in Leavenworth, WA but since we have been in MN and ID we haven't seen them since CC was about 2 months old. Anyway it was such a great visit and so nice seeing them again!
 Grammi brought us some fun vintage table cloths, and silverware! She knows us girls to well! We hope we get to see them often now that we are in UT!


October 2012

 We had Reagan come stay at our house over conference weekend. It was so much fun having her here! The kids did so good at being quiet during Conference. The girls did each others makeup at one point.
                   Oli got into the action with the lip gloss!                
  The finished products! Reagan was nervous to give me a real smile or talk, she thought it would ruin her makeup!
 We went for a walk in between sessions and then these two laid down to watch a kid show for a bit. They are so cute!
 We have been doing lots of leaf raking at our house, I love the trees in the summer but in the fall not so much! The kids thought it was so funny to be buried.
Kreg and CC went to a Jazz game one night and had fun! Until the 3rd quarter when CC got a bad bloody nose, she said it went all over her popcorn! Gross! They had to come home early in result of blood all over CC.


The Farm and Pumpkin Patch

 We had a fun time at the Farm with some cousins! fun tractor ride, playing at the park and seeing all the animals!
                                            There was a fun little hay bale maze
                The kids had fun picking out their pumpkins, CC had a hard time making a choice, like usual I had to give her a time limit so she would hurry and choose. Seriously how can a child be so much like her mother!


We love sunday hikes

                                We love that we live so close to amazing hikes and views!
                       My two girls and I, as you can see baby girl is growing nicely. 22 weeks

                                                               My handsome boys!