This was our second year in a row we were able to go up to Scott and Carly's house for the family Halloween party! We are loving all the family time we get now. The kids had so much fun playing together and going trick-or-treating! We had yummy homemade soups and rolls for dinner and then homemade donuts and hot cocoa after trick-or-treating. Even though it was a balmy 75 degrees out! It felt HOT!
 All the kids, I sat in to show off the baby in my belly and hold little Bentley! Ashton (Harry Potter), Cecily (Rapunzel), Colten (Rocketeer), Reagan (super girl), Hudson (blue Monster) Oliver (pirate), Bentley (lobster), Me (snow White)
 Gram and all her Grands!

                                                                  My kiddos and me.

 And just for fun, here is some pictures of my little Halloween display. The kids did good about not eating the candy corn because it was Decoration. Oliver tried telling his little friend he couldn't play with his cars because they were decoration. ha ha
 Close ups of my Haunted village.

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