Tour of the Capitol (papa's Work)

 Papa and Gram took us for a tour of Papa's work. I hadn't been inside the capitol since I was in grade school and never seen where Dad spends so much of his life when the Senate is in session. We didn't get to see his actual office because he forgot his Key but we got to see the Senate building and part of the House of Representatives building and of course the Senate floor where all the bills are passed and the voting happens. This is Dad's Desk.
 CC was pretending to be the Senate President and was reciting the pledge of Allegiance.

 I told her to stand by the flag and so she had to pose of course!
                                                    Oli and I playing President.
 Our family on the marble stairs in the Capitol. Its fun re-learning some of the state's history now that I am back to being a UT resident.
 Papa showing the kids the seagulls on the ceiling. The Dome part of the Capitol.
The kids posing with Brigham Young. Apparently holding his finger is the thing to do!

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