April 14 part 2

We went swimming And to the zoo with our friends for spring break!
Cora and Spiderman had a little easter egg hunt. Cecily was at Gram and Papa's sleeping over. We had the whole family over for Easter dinner that night!

Cecily has gotten really good at styling her own hair. She has branched out from the usual pony tail to do some really fun and unique braids!
Cecily played spring soccer, she has a hard time being aggressive towards the ball and spent a lot of her time skipping down the field. She would cheer loudly for herself when she would get to the ball enough to give it a kick!
Cora is loving playing mommy these days
Gram made Coco a new dress, she is getting better at saying cheese for the camera
Cecily won her class speech festival, so we got to go watch her in the school festival. Coco and Oli got a little restless because there were a lot of kids competing 

Cecily did great on her speech! She practiced it so much even Oli had it memorized!
Kreg and I have been working on our physical fitness, we love it so much we even find ourselves in the store on date night lifting weights!
CC loves the monkey bars and all the tricks you can do on them!
One day before a soccer game CC decided she would wear a tutu to her game, this is her practicing her violin before we left!
a good cheese face from Coco
Cora has a new obsession with blankets. She uses them for comfort after she wakes up and throughout the day I will find her in her room pulling blankets out of her crib to take around the house with her. She has been good about leaving them at home so far, and isn't showing any other signs of separation anxiety.
I found these two loves dancing before church one morning! Melted my Heart!


April 14

Cecily had a sewing lesson and whipped out a pillow in less than an hour!
Oliver played on an indoor soccer team, he did not love it. He was tiny compared to the kids and mixed with a slippery floor he had a hard time getting to the ball. He will try T-ball in the fall!
Cora loves being outside and getting dirty! She reminds me of a bunny and this picture was the perfect depiction of that!
Cecily Keeps losing teeth, she says she can't help herself from wiggling them out!

We used out zoo pass lots before it expired!
Cecily earned a chocolate cake from her violin teacher for passing off a hard song
My toothless fashonista
I find Oliver like this all the time during the day, He loves reading and looking at books and going to the library!
Cora loves the library too! But at this point she likes to play distructo and take the books off all the shelves!
Oliver came across his favorite super hero while we were at the mall!
Cora doing what mamas do best! Talking on the phone while taking care of babies!