We love family!

 Cora loves her Daddy! I am so grateful for Kreg and all he does for us and for me. I could not be the Mom I am without him by my side. He helps me so much with the kids and takes initiative with things that need to be done around the house. We are so perfect for each other it amazes me some days. What I am most grateful for right now is that Kreg is more than willing to help with the night time feedings. I am blessed that he does well with little sleep because I certainly do not. I am able to function and be a good Mom during the day because Kreg and I take turns with getting up with Cora. I love this man more than anything! 
 Oli and Grandma had some good one on one time while CC was gone at school, he was a good helper when Grandma did our laundry! We are so blessed to have 2 fabulous Grandmothers that are willing to take work off to come to our home and take care of us! We sure do love both our Grandmas!!
 Cora next to her bunny, This is like Cecily's baby and Oli's froggy, we will see if Cora gets attached to hers like CC did with her baby bear. I will take monthly photos next to the bunny to give a comparison of how our Coco is growing!
 Oli loves just hanging out with his baby! Notice Oliver's left foot is blurry, this kid never ever stops moving! He has so much energy and excitement for life. He wants everyone to be happy and loves making us laugh! We are so blessed to have such a fun boy in our family!
 Cora finally got to meet Papa, we are so glad Papa got rid of his cold so he could come meet our girl! I feel so happy and blessed to be living so close to family now! We have so much fun getting together with all of them often, I am so happy for my kids that they will have all of these fabulous people in their lives at close range. What great examples my kids have to look up to! Now if we could just get Kim and Craig to move back to UT!


Big eyes

I am so in love with this sweet baby's big blue eyes! I wonder if they will stay blue like Oliver's or turn green like the rest of ours.

We feel so blessed to be parents to all three of our sweet kids!


2 weeks

I snagged all these Photos from Mallory's blog (thanks Mal) They were to cute not to post!
On another note our Cora girl is 2 weeks old today! She had her well check and it doing great! She weighs a whopping 6 LBS 4 ounces! She is still 19.5 inches tall, at two weeks of age she is officially our smallest baby, but only by an ounce. She is doing really well and has her nights and days figured out for the most part. She has awake periods in the morning and evening for a good 3-4, sometimes 5 hours, but I don't mind if that means she only gets up to eat in the night and goes right back to sleep.

     We still haven't gone anywhere with all the kids so as far as adjusting to life with 3 kids its been super easy because we just stay home and hang out. In a way the winter is a nice time to have a baby because it forces you to stay home and take life a little slower, it gives me a chance to just sit on the couch and cuddle with my babies without feeling guilty.



Oliver loves his cars! He will spend hours making lines and l arking lots. Some of his favorite cars were kreg's wen he was little.  Since becoming a big brother Oliver has been especially sweet to his sisters. He has only shown a little bit I have a transition to having a sister. He is testing us with his listening and saying no to us more often. But overall he has adjusted very well. He loves to stay home but misses his friends.  it is nice that Cora takes a lot of naps so Oliver and I still have a lot of 1 on 1 time together while cc is at school.


8 days and 9 days old

 So happy to have Grandma Wagner here visiting! Mark and Mallory came to meet Cora too! We are loving all our visitors!

 Cecily wanted Curls for Church so we pulled out the trusty sponge rollers. Oli is just being his silly self. This kid is always making everyone laugh!
 Our teeny tiny just looking cute like always! She is starting to have bouts where she is awake for a few hours, usually first thing in the morning and then again before bed at night.
                                   The Curls turned out great! She is such a DIVA!
                                 Great Aunt Patty and Uncle Larry came to meet Cora.


 We laughed when we found Cora with her hands like this, Oli was so excited, she's saying a prayer! We hope it was a prayer of gratitude for sending her to our family because we sure feel blessed to have her!
Cecily has taken on her role as big sister to another sibling wonderfully. She would hold and feed Cora all day. She loves her sister and treats her so wonderfully and like her little doll. I am so excited for these two and hope they will be great friends! Cecily insists she will never get bugged by Cora even when she is getting into all her stuff one day. We'll see!

Cecily was so excited to have her half birthday the day after Cora was born. A few things about CC right now.
~She loves school and all that it entails, she has made many great friends and loves her teacher Mrs. Bond. She is doing really well in all her subjects at school. She is a perfectionist so she tends to resist new things she is learning, everyday when she brings out her homework she whines and says "its going to be hard!" Then does it in five minuets and says "that was easy peasy lemon squeasy" I asked her why she says it every time (it gets a little old, convincing her to do her homework each day) She said its because she's worried she wont do it right the first time. That explains her to a T. She puts so much pressure on herself to do everything perfect the first time. we have lots of talks about practice makes perfect and we have to learn new things to be able to do them. She is a great reader and I love having her read to me each morning while I get ready!

~She is taking gymnastics and doing really well at that. She is getting really strong and can do handstand pushups against the wall. She loves gymnastics and would go everyday if she could!

~She is such a great helper and so responsible, I have to catch myself from asking her to help me to often, I have to beg her to play with her toys. She is so mature and adult like for her age, I often forget how little she really is. I don't want her to look back at her child hood and only remember being a little mommy. How do you convince a kid to just be a kid?

~She is so sweet and caring, like I said she is beyond her years so she worries about things and people unlike any 5 yr old I know. She and I are so similar it crazy. She is just like me now as an adult. Not so much like I was as a child.

~She loves to be outside riding her bike or scooter when the weather permits, she still loves swimming and doing art. She loves to play any pretend play games like being Mommy with her dolls, restaurant, etc.

~She is so fun and happy, testing her limits with Kreg and I, trying to get away with as much attitude as she can. Hopefully this stage will blow over quickly.

~We just love our CC girl and all the spunk and joy she brings to our home! We love watching her learn and grow and perform all her new talents! We feel very blessed to have three great children!



                  Scott and Carly's Family came over for dinner and to meet Cora on Tuesday.

                                                                     Aunt Carly
                             I Loved Cora's silly face in this photo. She is wearing a little squirrel shirt that was Olivers when he was a baby.
 On Wednesday we had a pizza dinner (check out the heart pizza for Valentines day) with Uncle Chris and Aunt Paige! We love all the visitors we have been able to have and look forward to more in the next few days!
                                                                            Aunt Paige
                                     Oliver was so happy to play Tackle with uncle Chris!
                                                                      uncle Chris
We love reading stories and especially scriptures. when we were reading Cora was totally glued to the story, the kids were glued to her!