One week old

 One Week old today! We have a million hair pretties waiting for Cora's head to be big enough to wear them all. Love my little peanut! Cora has been such a sweet, easy going baby so far. she mostly sleeps all day and when she is awake she is just alert and quiet. She has been getting up twice a night to eat, around 2 am and then 5am. She had one rough night where she was up from 11:30 pm to 4:30 am. I was a bit tired that next day.

 I have recovered fabulously. I honestly feel great and barely feel any pain. I quit taking all the pain meds after two days home and feel fine. I really think that working out and being healthy before and during my pregnancies has helped me recover from my c-sections really quickly. I am anxious for the warmer weather so we can go on walks. I worry about going anywhere with Cora right now because of RSV so I will hold off on going to the gym for a while unless I can go when Kreg is home. We will keep Cora home from really anywhere for probably the next month or even longer.
 Ashton held Cora a few different times, he kept talking about how tiny she was especially her nose. I can't get over how big Ash is getting, I see him all the time but still feel shocked by how quickly he is growing and maturing!
 Colten held Cora for maybe 30 seconds, he was happy about it when he did though!
 Reagan and Cora, she thought it was so neat every time she opened her eyes or made a noise.

 Oliver loves his little sister and if she is in arms reach he wants to be near her, playing, touching, feeding, holding really anything he can do to be near her. Melts my heart. He always says "I like her mom".
This picture is Cecily at about 2 or 3 months, in the same dress as Cora wore today. Its a newborn size, we got it a couple of months after CC was born. Its obviously bigger on Cora, I love this dress and love that both girls can wear it. Cora might grow out of it just in time for warmer weather.

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