Cora Meets her sibs

 They were so happy baby Cora is finally out!!! Cecily loves to hold her and will do it all. day. long if we let her!
 Oliver will randomly come and giver her a kiss, say hi and then bounce away with his usual large amounts of energy!
 These top two photos are of the moment CC came in and saw me, she just burst into tears because she was so worried about me. It was so sweet and tender. she ended up just laying her head on that pillow while I comforted her.

 Cora brought the kids some gifts. Oliver got some new matchbox cars (his favorite toy ever) Cecily got a new digital Hello Kitty watch and she and Cora got matching big sister/lil sister bracelets.

 Oliver was either bouncing off the walls and wanting to touch all the buttons in the hospital room or playing games on the Ipad.

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