2 weeks

I snagged all these Photos from Mallory's blog (thanks Mal) They were to cute not to post!
On another note our Cora girl is 2 weeks old today! She had her well check and it doing great! She weighs a whopping 6 LBS 4 ounces! She is still 19.5 inches tall, at two weeks of age she is officially our smallest baby, but only by an ounce. She is doing really well and has her nights and days figured out for the most part. She has awake periods in the morning and evening for a good 3-4, sometimes 5 hours, but I don't mind if that means she only gets up to eat in the night and goes right back to sleep.

     We still haven't gone anywhere with all the kids so as far as adjusting to life with 3 kids its been super easy because we just stay home and hang out. In a way the winter is a nice time to have a baby because it forces you to stay home and take life a little slower, it gives me a chance to just sit on the couch and cuddle with my babies without feeling guilty.

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