We love family!

 Cora loves her Daddy! I am so grateful for Kreg and all he does for us and for me. I could not be the Mom I am without him by my side. He helps me so much with the kids and takes initiative with things that need to be done around the house. We are so perfect for each other it amazes me some days. What I am most grateful for right now is that Kreg is more than willing to help with the night time feedings. I am blessed that he does well with little sleep because I certainly do not. I am able to function and be a good Mom during the day because Kreg and I take turns with getting up with Cora. I love this man more than anything! 
 Oli and Grandma had some good one on one time while CC was gone at school, he was a good helper when Grandma did our laundry! We are so blessed to have 2 fabulous Grandmothers that are willing to take work off to come to our home and take care of us! We sure do love both our Grandmas!!
 Cora next to her bunny, This is like Cecily's baby and Oli's froggy, we will see if Cora gets attached to hers like CC did with her baby bear. I will take monthly photos next to the bunny to give a comparison of how our Coco is growing!
 Oli loves just hanging out with his baby! Notice Oliver's left foot is blurry, this kid never ever stops moving! He has so much energy and excitement for life. He wants everyone to be happy and loves making us laugh! We are so blessed to have such a fun boy in our family!
 Cora finally got to meet Papa, we are so glad Papa got rid of his cold so he could come meet our girl! I feel so happy and blessed to be living so close to family now! We have so much fun getting together with all of them often, I am so happy for my kids that they will have all of these fabulous people in their lives at close range. What great examples my kids have to look up to! Now if we could just get Kim and Craig to move back to UT!

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