4th of July

We had a great 4th! We went to the N. Ogden parade in the morning to watch Reagan and get lots of candy! Then we went to the Reid's to play, later the Mom's and Gram went shopping, then over to the Jackman's for dinner and the Dad's went mountain biking. Then finally up to the fireworks in Willard! It was a fun filled holiday!!
This was the only picture that was taken all day. We were to busy having fun to take pics! The kids were pretty tired by this point, but still excited to see the firework show! 


More Idaho Falls

We spent the day before heading home at a little lake in Rigby! It was so fun chatting with Rose while the kids played and played!

Idaho with the Myer's

 The kids and I went up to Idaho Falls for a sleepover with Rose and her kids while Wes was out of town! It was so much fun! I love whenever I get together with my MN friends it is just like old times and like we live down the street from each other! The kids had so much fun playing! They jumped on the tramp with the sprinkler under it first thing!
 Rose made us dinner, and in true Rose fashion she was doing a million things at once, got side tracked and burned the chicken to the point that there were still flames on the chicken when she brought it inside! ha, it was still super yummy once you took off the charred parts! Rose was the perfect host, we loved staying at her gorgeous home!
 We took the kids for a bike ride on the green belt in front of the temple and then to the park. I loved it so much, it was fun to think of all my memories of I.F. from my college days!
 Rose took some shots of Cora and I, I loved finding these on my camera, I am rarely in the pics so its fun to see proof of all I get to do with my kids!

Rose and her kids are so sweet and so loving! I am so glad we have stayed close and I hope we can for a long time yet to come!


End of 1st Grade

Cora loves Oli's scooter!
Cecily had her end of the year show what you know! The 1st graders performed so many great songs and skits about all the things they learned throughout the year. Cecily was Barbra Sampson, a lady who dressed up like a man so she could fight in the revolutionary war.
Cecily has learned and grown so much this year! She really loved going to school at APA and has made lots of great friends! She did very well in her classes and was challenged non-stop. She is super excited about 2nd grade, but first summer break!!


California Fun

 We didn't get a lot of pictures, but we sure had fun in California for the wedding! We swam and played with friends and cousins and of course Grandma and Grandpa! Cecily and Oliver are little fish and Cora is well on her way to joining the club! We love our time in Modesto even if I couldn't break tradition and had to get sick. Pneumonia this time for me! Ugh, it was pretty bad. For some reason every time I am with the Wagner's I get sick or someone in my family does, but the last few times it's been me! no fun! Thankfully once I got home and Kreg saw how sick I was after a day, he made me go to the urgent care. they took x=rays and sure enough it was pneumonia. Nothing a good antibiotic and some albuteral couldn't fix!
I am just glad I get a do-over visit with all of them in July at our family reunion!


Paige and Sam are Married

 My 3 cute babies looking so beautiful in their wedding attire!
 This picture shows my children's personalities to a T! CC miss perfection, doing exactly what she is supposed to. Oli Mr. wild doing the opposite of what he is supposed to. and Cora miss I don't care about anything. They are mine and I love them sooo much!
 With never ending energy!
 The gorgeous couple! This wedding was such a beautiful, perfect wedding! The Ceremony was fabulous, the reception and decor was beyond amazing! Mom W. did a gorgeous job! SO happy we could be apart of such a wonderful event and were able to witness Sam and Paige begin their family together! We love you both!

 Loves for their new Uncle!

 Cecily has been literally waiting years for Paige to get married so she could hold her dress for her!
 The Original Wagner Family! I am so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family! They never feel like in-laws, I love them all so much and love my time with them!
 Love my family with all my heart! I can't believe it was nearly 8 years ago Kreg and I stood in this very spot after we began our eternal family together and now we have the most beautiful little additions!
 Cecily and Aunt Mallory and baby Griffin
 My biggest girl and I
 My littlest girl and my Love

 Mark and Mal

 These two silly guys had so much fun playing together! Eli was a good sport always putting up with Oliver's crazy antics!

The Wagner Sibs
 Oli at the reception playing with the photo booth props!

Cecily was really trying to catch that bouquet! Emily caught it, she's 11!


Memorial Day

 We had a fun memorial day full of a neighborhood breakfast, sprinklers, and family time!!

 Cora likes to yell at her siblings!
 and say Cheese
 Oli being silly

 The love of my life watching our sweet kids! I am so blessed to have the.best. husband and partner ever!
 Look Mom I can stick my tongue through my teeth!
 I like dirt!
But not taking pictures in the morning!