Idaho with the Myer's

 The kids and I went up to Idaho Falls for a sleepover with Rose and her kids while Wes was out of town! It was so much fun! I love whenever I get together with my MN friends it is just like old times and like we live down the street from each other! The kids had so much fun playing! They jumped on the tramp with the sprinkler under it first thing!
 Rose made us dinner, and in true Rose fashion she was doing a million things at once, got side tracked and burned the chicken to the point that there were still flames on the chicken when she brought it inside! ha, it was still super yummy once you took off the charred parts! Rose was the perfect host, we loved staying at her gorgeous home!
 We took the kids for a bike ride on the green belt in front of the temple and then to the park. I loved it so much, it was fun to think of all my memories of I.F. from my college days!
 Rose took some shots of Cora and I, I loved finding these on my camera, I am rarely in the pics so its fun to see proof of all I get to do with my kids!

Rose and her kids are so sweet and so loving! I am so glad we have stayed close and I hope we can for a long time yet to come!

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