Hungry Boy

We had mexican food for dinner. Oliver enjoyed a quesadilla. Whole. It made him happy and busy. Our house is cold due to the wonderful blizzard we were blessed with today. Hence the hood on.

Cecily the Dentist

A dentist came to Cecily's school and gave them some sweet dental goods. She came home and got right work on our teeth! Oli didnt love her trying to floss his two new bottom teeth.


A new hat

Cecily's great Aunt Tiffany made her this cute hat! It has a fun rossette on the side and its PINK her fav!! It has officially become her bike riding hat because we were on our way to eide bikes when we got it in the mail. Everytime we go out to ride she insists on this hat! Thank you Aunt Tiffany!!!


Fun at the mall

We have taken a couple of trips to the mall play place recently, Oliver loves exploring and climbing now that he is bigger!


3 going on 13

This little girl is DRAMA to the max lately. I really dont know what I am going to do if it is already this bad ha ha. She is constantly sighing and huffing and puffing when I ask her to do/not do things. She is always saying "thats not fair" and "why?" She says everything with so much attitude in her voice. I have to tell her to calm down, quite being dramatic and remind her she is only three. The other day she said to Kreg "where are you going Loser?" I couldnt believe that she said that. I tried to stay calm and remind her we DO NOT say that word especially to our Dad. While we were talking about why we dont say that she asked "Mom is it ok if I say Biggest Loser- Like the show on TV?" I couldnt help but laugh. She is to smart. She picks up on anything and everything that is said and done!! I am nervous for what this girl is going to spring on us next.


Kiss me I'm Irish!!

 We had a sneaky little Leprachaun in our house today. He went around making a MESS!! He made our milk Green, our pancakes green, Left us spinach soup for lunch and he even left so green potty in the toilet. CC thought it was so funny he didnt flush. While Cecily was at school he left a big trail of green confetti with a pile of gold wrapped candies at the end of the trail. We have gone on numerous hunts looking for that little guy but boy is he fast!

Hope you are all having a fun ST. Patty's Day!!


10 months

Oli is 10 months today!

He is got his 1st tooth yesterday just in time!
He has been sick for the past couple of months and a little on the fussy side because of the teething but  most of all he is my sweet cuddly boy.
 He is loving practicing walking with his little push bike toy. (video coming soon)
 He is getting really good at standing on his own and has great balance.
His favorite food right now is chicken breast. Plain and cold. I tried heating it up but he didnt like it. He wants it straight out of the fridge.
He is over the swaddle for real finally.
Still loving his binky.
 He loves having his blankets completely over him when he sleeps. I worry about him not being able to breathe but he always pulls them over his face. Cecily did the same thing when she was little.
He is starting to sign a little. He knows more and all done so far.
He loves following CC around the house and playing with her in her room. I love hearing them giggle with eachother.
He loves bath time so much. He is always in the bathroom standing at the tub. I cant wait to take him swimming this summer!


Getting ready for St. Patty's day.

  Gram sent CC a cute St. Patty's day shirt and I got her some hair pretties for the holiday. She couldnt wait to wear them. She did look cute even if it was still Feburary when she sported the outfit. Don't worry it was on one of our stay at home all day days.
"Mom take a picture of my cute pony tail"

Coincidently the kids and I all wore green that day. Do you ever do that? Get dressed in the morning and then accidently dress your kids in similar colors?


Sickies again and a birthday.

This winter has really taken its toll on us. We have been sicker than ever before! Just a re-cap to remind you. Dec in CA CC was sick for a good 10 days and ended up in the ER with a spinal tap. We came home to MN in Jan and the kids and I were sick with colds for another 10 or so days then on the last day Kreg got hit with a nasty stomack flu. We were semi well for about two weeks and and then started the whole colds, cough, stuffy nose again. So now we are going on about 3 and 1/2 weeks of sickness for Oliver he has had a yucky cough and double ear infections, Cecily and I were hit with the cold/cough a week ago and yesterday Cecily started having fevers so we took both the kids in to the DR. Oli just wasnt getting any better after being on anti-biotics for 8 days. The diagnosis is Oliver still has a nazsty infection in one of his ears so the DR switched him to a different anti-biotic. Cecily the poor thing has Strep and Mononucleosis. My first reaction to hearing this was are you kidding me? What 3 yr old gets MONO? I asked her who she has been kissing? It is after all the kissing disease. She pointed to her baby brother. Hmph we are stumped to how she contracted it but poor thing is SICK! We all are.

Needless to say there has been a lot of movie watching at our house. Here is our sweet sick girl watching the care bears with her care bears.

It was my birthday this week and it was a milestone for me, I feel I have matured quite a bit in the last year./ Birthdays are a HUGE deal to me, not just mine but everyones. Normally I turn my birthDAY in to a birthWEEK. Well because of our circumstances this yr we were not able to have a week much less a day to celebrate. When I think about it I feel like I should be bummed, but that isnt/wasnt the case at all. I feel like I have really grown into my Mom skin and truly put others (my kids) before myself. I could care less that we weren't out partying or at least getting pedi's on my day, I was truly just worried about my kids and their health and it felt like just another day. I am very grateful however for all the people in my  life that did make it a special day for me! I got lots of  cards/gifts in the mail, Phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, Skype sessions and so very dear and caring friends stopped by to bring me gifts and visit. It meant the world to me to know that I have such great friends that care so much about me and my family! We have really grown to love MN and the people here. We are so grateful for our time here and for the relationships we have built. Thank you so much to all those who took the time to make me feel loved! Don't worry though we will celebrate in true birthday fashion as soon as we are all better!

A little side note about the winter. Since becoming a Mom I have had a really hard time actually staying home, in the sense that I HAVE to get out and do something everyday. MN is great because there are so many non shopping related things to do indoors during the winter (even though we still do our fair share of shopping). I had to make sure we got out did something fun or at least went to the gym to keep my sanitity, maybe its becuase with 2 kids it not as easy to get out and do things or I am just tired but I have really started to love being home more. We only have the car on certain days so I ussually do all the cleaning and chores on the days we dont have a car but lately even on the days we do have a car I dont always go someplace and its nice. Yes we are definitley more lazy but its ok, we are having fun playing together!  I remember my Mom telling me she loved staying home and I finally get it. We arent bored either we are loving our focused time together. I am feeling like a whole new person lately! We are anxious for the winter to be over so we can play outside and not have to bundly in coats any more but overall this winter has been cold but not so so bad on our moods.


Happy all the time

Yes its true this little guy is smiling and happy all the time! Even if he has a nasty cough, runny nose and double ear infections.

                             Please excuse the pj pants with the red sweater. Our house is beyond cold. BRRRR

 He is still happy and maybe just a bit more cuddly but, we dont mind that at all.