Wedding Planning

My 2 yr old is already planning her wedding. Seriously!
CC: I want to get married in the temple
Me: You do? Ok! When you get bigger you can.
CC: and I want a big married!
me: you want a big Wedding?
CC: Yea and I want to have flowers in my hand and A big ring on my finger like mom, and a dress too.
Me: Ok sounds good
CC: and then I can have a baby Oliver in my belly

We are naming her little brother Oliver and I tried to explain that she can have her own babies in her belly someday but that Oliver is her brother. Puh-lease Why do I try to explain that to a 2 yr old when clearly she is only on the level of planning the wedding not being a Mom.

She is a DIVA to a T!!

Speaking of her becoming a BIG sister, she is Obsessed with her brother already. Numerous times a day she will come to my belly and talk to him in a voice that an adult would talk to a baby.
Saying: "hi baby Oliver, I miss you! Hi Oliver you are So cute!, Hi honey!, I love you so much!"
Then she'll tell me He likes her and he kicked her. or she'll say "oh he's awake now"

It really is so cute and precious that she loves him so much already. I KNOW she will be jealous and have adjusting to do when he gets here but I am praying she will not get mean with him and Im sure I will have to deal with her "Helping" a little to much. I can live with that though.

I was even able to distract her this afternoon when she was being dramatic about a pinched finger, I told her come tell Oliver about it and she came right over and talked to him forgetting all about the finger.


More San Fran

Another Wedding

A Congrats goes out to these 2 Cute people. They've been engaged for almost a month and we are counting down to their wedding in March!!! Yahoo Mark and Mallory!

finally some Christmas

 Airplane with Un-craig
 Me suprising Kreg with the gender of our baby! ITS A BOY!!
 Reading stories in Napa
 3 gnerations of Wagner men
Some Bowling fun, Christmas morning and San Fran with the Fam! No particular order


some Utah Pictures

Watching movies with Papa
We had a blast like always and enjoyed our time with our Utah family even more because we had gone a whole 5 months with out seeing them!
Apparently those are the only pictures I took. Im so lame. Mom mind emailing me the any you took.


Lady Bug Tent

Cecily's Great Grandpa Reid "bought" her this lady bug tent for Christmas! It is her favorite place to watch movies, eat breakfast, and play with Dad. What a fun thing to have when you are stuck inside because of the COLD!
Thank you Grandpa!!


There will be posts coming all about our trips to CA and UT. We miss our family so much already!!



Cecily is so excited to be a big Sister to a little BROTHER!!! We are excited to have a baby BOY in May. Cecily loves her baby brother already, always talking to him and singing him songs, telling me when he is hungry and getting ready for him to come play!


Cecily Says

A LOT of funny things but here are just a few...
Me: CC we are going on an airplane tomorrow to see Gram and Papa
CC: and Ashton? and Reagan? and Colty?
Me: Yup!
CC: and then my Gram will make me hot chocolate! Im SO EXCITED!! YAY!

At Church she saw a little boy about 18 months with Red Hair like her uncle, she ran up to him and said Hi Uncle Craig!

We keep explaining to her that Grandpa's dog fred died and went to live with Jesus, well when a cousin Michael left the house without saying goodbye, we ask her where Michael went and she says to live with Jesus.

When I picked her up from nursery today she saw me and yelled MOM, you came back!! Look everyone one she came back! then she proceeded to walk up to all the kids and leaders saying over and over bye everyone I'll miss you!

She is my silly girl, very annimated and excited most of the time! She continues to make me laugh everyday with the things she come up with!