Pregnancy update

This will probably be my last pregnancy update since Oliver will be here in two weeks. The past few weeks I have been having problems with my heart (some palpitations) and with my Breathing (shortness of breath) I didn't think much of it because for goodness sakes I'm huge and preggo and there just isn't much room in my short torso for a baby and my organs. Well Saturday night I was laying on the couch and my heart kept beating super fast then I would have a hard time breathing so I went to bed and slept fine. Woke up Sunday with the same issues, I kept getting light headed and a bit dizzy so I decided I would stay home from church and just rest. So while Kreg and CC were gone at church I laid on the couch the whole time. My heart would beat really fast and I would lose my breath for a few minuets at a time and it kept coming in intervals. Needless to say it was very uncomfortable and annoying. I was talking to my Mom on the phone and she asked why I was home from church, when I told her she got worried and asked me to call my DR for her sake. I was a good daughter and did so.

My DR told me to go to the ER right away (Im sure its protocol especially for a preggo lady) So I tried calling Kreg, he had his phone off of course, so I called and texted a few friends in the ward just so I could tell him to come right home after church and not dilly dally. Well once I talked to him I told him what was going on and all he heard was come home and hospital so he basically went running through the halls in church yelling my wife's in labor! He told some friends and they were kind enough to take CC home with them and watch her for the day while we were at the ER. They hooked me and Oliver up to heart rate monitors, I had a CT Scan to check for blood clots but when that checked out to be fine they sent me home with orders to pick up a 48 hour heart monitor the next day. My heart rate was indeed getting faster so they were a bit nervous, Luckily though Oliver passed his non stress test just fine.

So Monday to Wednesday I wore the monitor, it was annoying, got in the way 7 patches stuck to my skin and 8 wires hanging from my body , itched like crazy, and worst of all I couldn't shower! So whenever I had a symptom I would push a button and it would record what my heart was doing. When I finally took it off I stood in the shower for 30 min just scratching my chest.

I had my follow up appt today with a Heart DR. She is told me my heart rate is a little fast and I have a heart murmur, which is pretty normal in pregnancy (my Mom had one with all her pregnancies) She made me an appt for next week to have an ultrasound on my heart to make sure there are no problems that have gone undetected since I was a kid. The likelihood is super low but she just wants to make sure (im sure its protocol).

Im not worried at all and I just know its all pregnancy related. Its just annoying to add all these extra DR appts to my weekly OB ones. The Dr. also told me that its a good thing Im already scheduled to have a c-section because going through labor would be to much for my already stressed heart. Well now there really goes any chance of a VBAC!

Im grateful for modern medicine that makes it so me and my children can be healthy and fine through all of these silly pregnancy and delivery hiccups! Otherwise I feel great, I have zero swelling in my hands and feet which is so opposite of how I was with CC. I am much smaller this time so maybe that means Oli is too and maybe he wont be squished like his sister was and can stay out of the NICU. All in All this pregnancy has been totally different from Cecily's, its fun to have such a different story for each kid.

Sorry so long I really wanted to document it for Oliver.

Im a lucky girl!

I Pride myself in knowing I can get WHATEVER I want, sometimes I just get my way (like with my sweet husband that gives in all the time), Sometimes I have to work at it by being persistent, bargaining or bartering, and even manipulating if I have to, and sometimes I just have to be patient and the wanted thing will just land in my lap or in some cases something better comes and I am happy I didn't get what I thought I wanted. Whats my point? Well today I got what I wanted by working at it and being patient! I bought this stroller a few months ago regular price $140 I paid $70 I then sold it on Craigslist for $120 because it wasn't exactly what I wanted in a double stroller. I have been on the look out for a Sit and Stand but I was particular about it because I wanted one with a snack tray for both kids (the newest models have that) but was I willing to pay full price and pay an extra $50-$60 for a snack tray? I sure did think about it! But we all know I am NOT a full price shopper so I knew what I wanted and I knew I would get it. I searched Craigslist for something more affordable but of course no one was selling a new model sit and stand. Today I dropped Kreg off at school downtown and the thought kept coming to me go to the Salvation Army Target, I didn't fight the thought much because I LOVE the store, but I kept thinking stroller, I had never seen strollers there before so I kept thinking there is no way they would have a stroller let alone one I want. Well I went and I found immediately this stroller! It is a new model, brand new sit and stand with two snack trays! I don't love the fabric color but, I don't hate it and since its regular price in the store is $160 I couldn't help myself to the price of only $80!!! Yup that's right I paid less for a brand new, new model Sit and Stand than I ever could have gotten and old, used one off of Craigslist. So all in all I made money off of my stroller purchases and ended up with just what I wanted!! I don't know if its luck or if its my small miracles in life because Heavenly Father knows how happy a sweet deal and shopping make me!



Cecily and I made a chain countdown today because tomorrow we have 2 weeks left until Oliver comes. I thought 14 days wouldnt be to overwhelming for CC and it would help her understand the time frame until he arrives, but as we were making the rings she was done helping with the glue after about five so I probably should have waited another week, oh well hopefully she'll think its fun to tear a ring off every morning.
I let Cecily choose how she wants her hair done for the day, its my way of still having control over her hair since she is so persistent in doing EVERYTHING herself. On Sunday she said she wanted a ballerina-Cinderella bun. so that is what she got. She then wanted to take pictures and I couldn't believe the pose she cam up with, Prima Ballerina if you ask me!


My girl

I have been so blessed with such a fun, beautiful little girl! I have loved my one on one time with Cecily the past 2+ years so much, it has been hard to imagine sharing my time/love with another child. I know my love will double but my time will not and I know I will feel guilt and some sadness at first when I cant give CC the attention she is used to. I have so many memories I will forever cherish of our special time together! I know I will have so many great memories with all of my children individually and together, I am so excited to see what this next adventure will bring in our lives!
We love going on fun outings!

She is such a good friend, not just to me!

We went through some of my things from when I was a kid, we found the clip on earrings from my Grandma, she would not take them off. I had to bribe her to get them off before school. Every day I put my earrings on she asks for some, now she has some to pretend with. She is such a diva just like me it is so fun!

She was suppose to be napping, instead she came out of her room dressed like this, she said "Im ready to go swimming"

Practicing putting baby in the carseat

At least I could talk her into putting shorts on before we went outside to play

We wore our purple dresses to church, she was so excited we matched. She begged to take a picture! Obviously she learned that from me!

21 more days

WE only have 21 more days until Oliver Brooks joins the Wagner family! We are super excited! I am a bit nervous and anxious about the adjustment to 2 kids and about the lack of sleep but all in all we know it will be so great!
A few things Im looking forward too~ Not being pregnant, having an empty belly and full arms, bending over without grunting and not breathing, sleeping on my stomach, exercising Harder and getting back into shape, wearing regular clothes, but most of all Lovin and kissin on my little guy! I just cant wait to meet him and see what he looks like!


"painting" Eggs

Cecily really wanted to paint, but I wanted her to do her eggs so I told her we would "paint" the eggs. She Loved it of course. But after they were all dyed she kept asking when we were going to paint? There is no tricking this girl. I let her color the eggs with markers after her nap and that seemed to suffice, then she wanted to eat one so we cracked it open, she took one bite and was done with the eggs for good!The beloved shoes the "Rabbit" brought her.


Cecily says

This morning she brought me her new Hightop Converse the "easter Bunny" brought her. The convo went like this:
CC- "Here are my new pink shoes the Rabbit gave me"
Me- (Putting them on her feet) "oh no it looks like the Easter bunny got the wrong size they are too big"
CC-"no Mom he did Great! They are Perfect!" (while admiring the new shoes on her feet)

We left a suitcase in Utah on accident so my Mom sent a few things out of it when CC saw two of her dresses she grabbed them and hugged them and said "I thought I lost you!" She didnt even know they were gone. She is soo silly, I just love listening to her all day she comes up with such wild things, I know as she gets older it will only become more Funny!



This is so typical when Kreg is home, she becomes is shadow!

Searching for the easter bunny
We have had a great Easter weekend full of Conference and relaxing. When CC woke up this morning Kreg told her to fine her basket the easter bunny left for her, she was a little nervous about it and was acting real timid, she finally said I dont want to find the easter bunny. ha She was so excited about her basket especially the punching balloons. She quickly informed me that she didnt get any candy in her basket. She was happy later when she went on her egg hunt to find lots of eggs with candy and little inked stamps inside. We took a walk to the park and she and Kreg practiced hitting golf balls. we just couldnt pass up the 66 degree sunny weather!

CC and I plan to dye eggs tomorrow morning, its fun to stretch out a holiday as long as we want! SO plan on pictures of that. Im going to try hard to get in a good habit of taking and posting more pictures so that grandparents can be more up to date on CC and Oli when he gets here, so dont be suprised if there are posts about everyother day
Baby shower for Carly and Hudson

Games with Uncle Chris


Train rides

Twinner girls

He is so dang cute!

Gram made CC a real bride!

A Cheese face from Reagan


We were lucky enough to take a quick trip to Utah for a Mark and Mallory's wedding. I didnt get many pictures of their big day or of that whole weekend, too busy having fun to stop and take pictures I guess. Then we got to go to Ogden and spend time with my family, once again not many pictures were taken but ofcourse tons of fun ws had!

The week included:
-A wedding dinner that was perfect aside from my child running in the middle of speeches.

-Swimming in the hotel pool (CC ofcourse had to do it all by herself, thank goodness she will be doing swim lessons this summer)

-A beautiful Temple Sealing and Fabulous Reception to follow- CC loved the balloon room and the dancing and especially Mallory's two cute Nephews that we quite unamused by the 2 yr old little girl chasing them around all day, but who were nice enough to humor her.

-Church in a singles ward brought us back to our BYUI days and made me so thankful to be out of that stage in life.

- Family dinner/parties in Ogden

-pedicures with the "Reid" girls



-Late night movie watching

-Eating out

-Great conversations


-a date with Kreg

-new haircuts

-Playing wild with cousins

-Going to the Movies with Gram

We really LOVE spending time with all of our family and feel so blessed to be able to as often as we do! Thank you to all of you for generously spoiling us like always! We miss you lots already! Cant wait to see you all again this summer!