Pregnancy update

This will probably be my last pregnancy update since Oliver will be here in two weeks. The past few weeks I have been having problems with my heart (some palpitations) and with my Breathing (shortness of breath) I didn't think much of it because for goodness sakes I'm huge and preggo and there just isn't much room in my short torso for a baby and my organs. Well Saturday night I was laying on the couch and my heart kept beating super fast then I would have a hard time breathing so I went to bed and slept fine. Woke up Sunday with the same issues, I kept getting light headed and a bit dizzy so I decided I would stay home from church and just rest. So while Kreg and CC were gone at church I laid on the couch the whole time. My heart would beat really fast and I would lose my breath for a few minuets at a time and it kept coming in intervals. Needless to say it was very uncomfortable and annoying. I was talking to my Mom on the phone and she asked why I was home from church, when I told her she got worried and asked me to call my DR for her sake. I was a good daughter and did so.

My DR told me to go to the ER right away (Im sure its protocol especially for a preggo lady) So I tried calling Kreg, he had his phone off of course, so I called and texted a few friends in the ward just so I could tell him to come right home after church and not dilly dally. Well once I talked to him I told him what was going on and all he heard was come home and hospital so he basically went running through the halls in church yelling my wife's in labor! He told some friends and they were kind enough to take CC home with them and watch her for the day while we were at the ER. They hooked me and Oliver up to heart rate monitors, I had a CT Scan to check for blood clots but when that checked out to be fine they sent me home with orders to pick up a 48 hour heart monitor the next day. My heart rate was indeed getting faster so they were a bit nervous, Luckily though Oliver passed his non stress test just fine.

So Monday to Wednesday I wore the monitor, it was annoying, got in the way 7 patches stuck to my skin and 8 wires hanging from my body , itched like crazy, and worst of all I couldn't shower! So whenever I had a symptom I would push a button and it would record what my heart was doing. When I finally took it off I stood in the shower for 30 min just scratching my chest.

I had my follow up appt today with a Heart DR. She is told me my heart rate is a little fast and I have a heart murmur, which is pretty normal in pregnancy (my Mom had one with all her pregnancies) She made me an appt for next week to have an ultrasound on my heart to make sure there are no problems that have gone undetected since I was a kid. The likelihood is super low but she just wants to make sure (im sure its protocol).

Im not worried at all and I just know its all pregnancy related. Its just annoying to add all these extra DR appts to my weekly OB ones. The Dr. also told me that its a good thing Im already scheduled to have a c-section because going through labor would be to much for my already stressed heart. Well now there really goes any chance of a VBAC!

Im grateful for modern medicine that makes it so me and my children can be healthy and fine through all of these silly pregnancy and delivery hiccups! Otherwise I feel great, I have zero swelling in my hands and feet which is so opposite of how I was with CC. I am much smaller this time so maybe that means Oli is too and maybe he wont be squished like his sister was and can stay out of the NICU. All in All this pregnancy has been totally different from Cecily's, its fun to have such a different story for each kid.

Sorry so long I really wanted to document it for Oliver.


laurareid said...

dad had a murmur as a kid. we worry about you, but i'm glad they're taking care of things.... mom/gram xo

Cathy said...

Whoa Anna- we are sure glad that you are getting things checked out. And super glad that you are okay!! Nothing better than a little excitement--oh no--that sounds something like Uncle Mike would say- certainly not Aunt Cathy--so rest and enjoy the next few weeks and let us know!!! We love you! XOXO

Heather said...

whoa! i'm glad everything's okay. how scary! bummer about the VBAC though. :-( NO SWELLING?! I am SOOOOOOO jealous! yay for you though. :-) Can't wait to hear and see your little man!!!