My girl

I have been so blessed with such a fun, beautiful little girl! I have loved my one on one time with Cecily the past 2+ years so much, it has been hard to imagine sharing my time/love with another child. I know my love will double but my time will not and I know I will feel guilt and some sadness at first when I cant give CC the attention she is used to. I have so many memories I will forever cherish of our special time together! I know I will have so many great memories with all of my children individually and together, I am so excited to see what this next adventure will bring in our lives!
We love going on fun outings!

She is such a good friend, not just to me!

We went through some of my things from when I was a kid, we found the clip on earrings from my Grandma, she would not take them off. I had to bribe her to get them off before school. Every day I put my earrings on she asks for some, now she has some to pretend with. She is such a diva just like me it is so fun!

She was suppose to be napping, instead she came out of her room dressed like this, she said "Im ready to go swimming"

Practicing putting baby in the carseat

At least I could talk her into putting shorts on before we went outside to play

We wore our purple dresses to church, she was so excited we matched. She begged to take a picture! Obviously she learned that from me!


Meg said...

and a cute diva she is. haha I love all the pictures they are so stinking cute. I can't wait for you little man to get here also can't believe only 21 more days. Good luck hope everything goes smooth

Cathy said...

So beautiful!! You both are!! XOXO

Erin and Zach said...

You girls are gorgeous! Cecily will clearly be an amazing big sister!! I am getting so excited for you guys to add to your brood and I can't wait to meet the little guy either.

lots of love, Erin

laurareid said...

what a girl! what a wonderful mom to that girl! love you both! mom/gram xo

The Jolley's said...

Anna. This is your old roomie Natali! I wanted to say congrats on baby #2. You are due only a few days before me. Crazy. I'm due the 23rd. I feel like I don't know if I can wait either. Good luck with all.

Chelsie said...

you guys are so cute. i love the pic of you two and the pic of her in her swimsuit. haha, i love it!!