This is so typical when Kreg is home, she becomes is shadow!

Searching for the easter bunny
We have had a great Easter weekend full of Conference and relaxing. When CC woke up this morning Kreg told her to fine her basket the easter bunny left for her, she was a little nervous about it and was acting real timid, she finally said I dont want to find the easter bunny. ha She was so excited about her basket especially the punching balloons. She quickly informed me that she didnt get any candy in her basket. She was happy later when she went on her egg hunt to find lots of eggs with candy and little inked stamps inside. We took a walk to the park and she and Kreg practiced hitting golf balls. we just couldnt pass up the 66 degree sunny weather!

CC and I plan to dye eggs tomorrow morning, its fun to stretch out a holiday as long as we want! SO plan on pictures of that. Im going to try hard to get in a good habit of taking and posting more pictures so that grandparents can be more up to date on CC and Oli when he gets here, so dont be suprised if there are posts about everyother day

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The Robinson's said...

Happy Easter to you and your family!

CC is so big and so adorable! I can't believe how long her hair is. Lily's is still short, maybe to her shoulders. I love CC's wedding dress too.

I have a cousin in Ogden. Sounds like you had lots of fun!

See you this summer and with a new baby! YAY!

Take care.