A few happenings from '08

Just some highlights we enjoyed in 2008

Went to Vegas with my mom, Sister, Nephew Ashton, and CC
I turned 23
Kreg Graduated with under-Grad from BYU-I
Finished our chapter of life in Idaho
New Nephew Colten Born in May
A few really fun trips to Utah to visit my Family!!!
Lived in CA for the summer and taught swim Lessons
CC learned to walk and talk
Kreg turned 24
Cc turned 1
Kreg and I celebrated Two Years of Marriage
Family Trip to Clear Lake with the Wagners
Family reunion in Napa
Moved to Minnesota
Kreg started Law School at University of St. Thomas
Another Long trip to utah because My Brother Married my super cute sister in-law Carly
Thanksgiving in St. George
Trips to LA, San Francisco, monterey, napa.
Christmas In CA

Things we are excited about in 2009
Finishing the 1st year of law school
Turning 24
getting a summer internship
Kreg Turns the BIG 25
Visitors coming to see us in Minnesota
Trips to CA and hopefully Utah
CC truns 2
a new nephew or niece
sister Kim Getting married to Craig Aka trip to CA to help plan the wedding
I know there will be alot of things that will happen that we dont know about and wont expect but Im excited for it all!!


Pictures for Grandmas and grandpas that didnt get to experience CC's second christmas with her!

Christmas where its warm!

We are in California for Christmas and loving it!!! I am so happy to be out of the snow and in a place where we DONT have to wear coats and can wear flip flops if we want! We are having a blast spending time as a family and CC is loving all of the attention she is getting from her Aunts, Uncle, and Gramma and Grampa~ Kreg is happy to golf and I am happy to just have people around me all the time! We had a great Christmas and were spoiled from both sides of our families like always! We are so blessed to have such generous family and people that are so fun to be around!

I finally got a family Picture of us even if CC is stone faced!!

Christmas Morning!!

CC opening her ONE christmas eve Present (PJ's)

We went to L.A. last weekend for Kreg's cousin Ellen's wedding! Her reception was beautiful and she of course was a beautiful bride! We had so much fun being in the SUN, Shopping, and going to the BEACH! I kept wondering to myself how it could be so so cold in some parts of the country and then look like this in other parts! My wish of christmas this year was to move to Huntington beach...(it has been an ongoing wish pretty much my whole life) Darn law school is preventing that wish from happening any time soon! oh well maybe in a few years!

Kreg spoiled me and out did me with Christmas gifts like he does every year! He surprised me with this I was so surprised and so excited!! I have been wishing for a pearl ring ever since our first christmas together and he got me pearl earings! I am such a lucky girl to have Kreg! Not just because he spoils me but because he loves me so much!!!


A great site

This great blog came up on my reader suggestions today and I got so excited because I am always looking for a place with good FHE ideas. I am totally going to use this spot for my go to for Family Home Evening!! The Family Home Evening Spot


Dancing Queen

I have a dancer on my hands! No matter what the music is or where its at this little lady is shakin it or bouncing or stomping or waving her hands! My brother had a live band at his wedding and CC stood two feet in front of them the entire night and danced her little heart out! I cant wiat till she is old enought to put into dance class! LOVE her!!

Pictures with Cousins

My Sister had a gift certificate to Kiddie Kandids so she lett CC sneak in on a few pics. Too bad she is such a drama queen and refused to smile even once. At least the boys looked super cute!!

Thanks Sarah for letting us tag along and get pictures taken with the boys!! Sorry about the Drama.

While we've been out!

We have been in utah since the 21st for lots of festivities including My brother Scott and his wife Carly's wedding, Thanksgiving in St. George with Kregs family, and lots and lots of fun times with my family in northern utah! We love getting to come to utah for a couple of weeks so we can spend time with Gram and Papa, aunts and uncles, and cousins!! Caution this slide show contains lots of pics from the following events:
Scott and Carly's wedding
Thanksgiving in St. George
Trips to the mall to see santa and ride the rides at the arcade
Chucky Cheese with cousins
Trip to Salt Lake on the Front Runner for shopping

Oh yea and in case you didnt notice I colored my hair dark and got extensions! Its a fun new look for a change! Thanks Julie for the extensions! If anyone is interested and is in ogden I can give you her number.