Silly Oli

 We went to a friend's house for a BBQ and they have the BEST backyard, full of fun toys! Oli loved the car. I can't wait to have a yard of our own.
 I stuck his leg up so I could push him around in the car, that leg kept dragging so I thought it was safer to have it up out of the way. he loved it and just relaxed to the Max.

 Lovin his birthday balloons
 He got these sweet blue loafers for his birthday. They are a couple of sizes to big but he loves wearing them around the house. He watches them as he walks!
This kid ALWAYS has a bump, bruise, or rasberry on his face. Poor little guy really likes to protect his hand with his face when he falls.

Cecily had a field trip

 Cecily's class went on a field trip and I got to go and help. It was at a park and they had a blast! They rotated to different stations doing activities and had a teddy graham snack. The favorite station of all was the flying balloon station. The teachers would pump balloons full of air and let them fly into the air while the kids took turns chasing them around the field!

This girl can Hopscotch!

Mom, CC, and her fav Koto. This girl is Hilarious! She is Japanese so she speaks both languages, she kept telling me things in Japanese, I asked her what her favorite food was hoping she would say something Japanese but she answered "bacon".

 The Whole Class
 CC and her fav boy Tucker
 Parachute games
Getting ready to Chase her balloon!
And just because it was cute. The kids in their SGs


Pinkalicious, The Musical

Cecily and I have been looking forward to our "date" for over a month. Friday was FINALLY the day! We had a blast dressing up in all our pink and going to The Musical based on Cecily's FAVORITE Book Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann. The production was a Stages Theater, A childrens theater in Hopkins. Everyone in the cast was a child actor aside from the parents of Pinkalicious. Cecily was totally glued to the show the entire time! We sat in the second row right in the middle, we had great seats. Cecily used a booster so that she could see a little better and that way the theater chairs wouldnt fold up on her.

 In her seat waiting for the Play to begin
 CC and one of the Pink Cupcakes
 Cecily and "Peter"
 CC and Pinkalicious
Sitting on the stage with the set behind her.

 She was pretty serious about the whole thing and didnt laugh once but she sure did love it! She got to meet the cast afterward and got to take some pictures with some of her favorite Characters. She and I were a hit in our outfits, I expected all the other Moms to dress up too, but apparently I am the only one with so much spirit! I had fun and loved an excuse to get dressed up. Everyone gushed over how cute CC looked and the ticketing staff kept calling her Pinkalicious! She was so cute and so grown up about all of it. She talked about doing plays when she gets older, I can totally see her doing something like it and would love to support her in that! She would love to dance, sing and act on stage I honestly couldnt think of anything that is more her! I am so excited to have a partner to go to musicals and shows with me!

We finished our date by going to McDonalds for a little Ice Cream sundae. She was just as excited about that as she was the play!



We had a fun party to Celebrate Oliver turning ONE and Kreg graduationg, the Latter may have been a side note :) I planned and with the help of my sister and good friend Kami executed a pretty cute party! I have always LOVED the color combo Red and Aqua, I wanted to do Oliver's room in those colors when he was born but I couldnt find the perfect fabric so what better than to do his first birthday bash in the color scheme! It really turned out just the way I had imagined it in my head. There were a few mishaps(rained out causing us to reschedule, another party happening at the park at the same time We made it work! and A Drink dispenser that kept loosing its nozzle causing aqua punch to spray everywhere), but what party doesnt have those! We had pizza, Chips, Fruit, Potato Salad (made by our good friends the Cardons), Cupcakes, licorice, mints, and aqua colored sixlets. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had fun playing on the grass and at the park! Oliver had so much fun exploring and doing his own thing and ofcourse being sung to and eating mass amounts of his very own smash cake!

Here are some shots of the party. They are a bit out of order.
 Dessert and gift table
 Food and drink table

Digging in
Watching his cake fall. Oh well I didnt want him eating all that cake anyway
The cake bit the dust
Eating Licorice after his cake fell to the ground
Oliver being sung to

Oliver and his proud parents
Oli and his favorite big sister
Close up of the cupcakes I made
His smash cake and birthday hat
The pretty but crazy drink dispenser. The whole nozzle would come out resulting in juice spilling all over.
Close ups of the treats

Favor bags, to fill up with candy
Happy birthday water bottles

Me filling up cups so no one got juice on them.
The birthday man. He had fun just walking around all over!

The invite!! My sister did so much of the design work and I am to grateful for her! I had the vision and she executed it! Thanks Sarah!


Oliver at One year

~Whole Milk in a sippy cup, the transition from bottle to purely sippy went like this, "Here is your whole milk instead of formula in a sippy instead of a bottle." "Thanks Mama". I was really worried about it being hard to get rid of the bottle but really it was nothing. He didnt even notice. Probably because he has used a sippy since he was 5 months old.
~His Binky still- This one is not going to be as easy to get rid of, I He needs it for bed time and since he has been sick lately (again) and teething he has been extra fussy so like my Mom says I just plug it up. It keeps us both sane. I need tips on how to get rid of the Binky or maybe tips on how to be ready to get rid of the Binky.
~His sister and following her around. He copies her all day and is trying hard to be like one of the big kids!
~Balls of any shape or size, he loves to throw, kick, roll, shoot baskets, and has even gotten super good at holding the golf club and hitting balls and other objects around the house. Kreg is so proud of his sporty boy!
~strawberrys, watermelon, chicken, anything with cheese on it, brocoli, asparagus, noodles, bread, crackers, clementines, pears, bananas and peaches pureed, and we just found out today plain air popped popcorn!
~Sleep. He takes 2 two hour naps and sleeps a good 11-12 hours at night.
~Being outside. When he is fussy I just stick him on the deck and he will shoot baskets for forever. He loves the park, swimming, riding bikes, and is finally used to the grass.
~Baths he will stay in there all day if I let him.
~Babies, he learned how to say the word "baby" this week and was even kissing on the baby in the walmart ad.
~food/drinks that are to cold
~ His carseat. I put him forward facing because I thought it would make him happier in the car but nope, he still gets so mad about getting buckled down.
~Getting his diaper changed.

He weighs 19.1 LBS (5%tile)
He is 29 inches (24%tile) tall

Over all he is my happy, easy going little guy! He had a fun first birthday party with friends, My friend took some great photos of the party that I am still trying to narrow down which ones to blog so look forward to that soon!


I: by CC girl

I saw this on a friends blog and thought it was such a cute idea.
                                                       I HAVE: A baby doll.

                                                I WISH: We could go swimming.

                                                         I HATE: Being sick.

                                               I MISS: Daddy when he is at work.

                                             I HEAR: When I am a good listener.

                                             I LAUGH: When the balloons POP.

                                I WONDER: If we are going to the Mall of America?

                                       I REGRET: When I am not sweet to my friends.

                                                 I DANCE: When you dance.

                                                I SING: I am a child of God.

                                                   I CRY: When Oli cries.

                                             I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Art.

                                                   I NEED: Lots of Lovies.

                                            I LOVE: Mommy and my Family!

I can't believe she is almost 4! She is so smart, witty, and WAY beyond her years. This girl is amazing!


Oliver's ONE year Photos

We just love our little man! Thank you to Rhonda for taking these sweet photos of our baby! We will cherish them forever! She did such a great job, she was even able to edit out the nasty scrape on Oliver's forhead he got 3 hours before the shoot. It was hard work getting any smiles out of him since his head was hurting but we managed and he looks so cute either way!