We had a fun party to Celebrate Oliver turning ONE and Kreg graduationg, the Latter may have been a side note :) I planned and with the help of my sister and good friend Kami executed a pretty cute party! I have always LOVED the color combo Red and Aqua, I wanted to do Oliver's room in those colors when he was born but I couldnt find the perfect fabric so what better than to do his first birthday bash in the color scheme! It really turned out just the way I had imagined it in my head. There were a few mishaps(rained out causing us to reschedule, another party happening at the park at the same time We made it work! and A Drink dispenser that kept loosing its nozzle causing aqua punch to spray everywhere), but what party doesnt have those! We had pizza, Chips, Fruit, Potato Salad (made by our good friends the Cardons), Cupcakes, licorice, mints, and aqua colored sixlets. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had fun playing on the grass and at the park! Oliver had so much fun exploring and doing his own thing and ofcourse being sung to and eating mass amounts of his very own smash cake!

Here are some shots of the party. They are a bit out of order.
 Dessert and gift table
 Food and drink table

Digging in
Watching his cake fall. Oh well I didnt want him eating all that cake anyway
The cake bit the dust
Eating Licorice after his cake fell to the ground
Oliver being sung to

Oliver and his proud parents
Oli and his favorite big sister
Close up of the cupcakes I made
His smash cake and birthday hat
The pretty but crazy drink dispenser. The whole nozzle would come out resulting in juice spilling all over.
Close ups of the treats

Favor bags, to fill up with candy
Happy birthday water bottles

Me filling up cups so no one got juice on them.
The birthday man. He had fun just walking around all over!

The invite!! My sister did so much of the design work and I am to grateful for her! I had the vision and she executed it! Thanks Sarah!


Heather said...

ok. so first: you look SO good anna! so skinny! and your hair is so long!

second: you're are seriously the best party planner! i'm jealous. i DO NOT have that talent. i might need to pick your brain for my kids' next parties!

third: happy birthday oli and happy graduation kreg!

Devyn Pickett said...

I LOVE love LOVE this!!!!! Happy one year Oli!!!! wish i could have been there in real life! what cute ideas Anna!!!!! miss you guys! hope to see you over xmas.. at the very least :)

Jared and Cassie said...

wow it looks awesome!! great job! how fun, i love red and aqua too

The Robinson's said...

What a great party!! You did such an awesome job at planning, and blogging. I'm still have Lily's party post in the works, maybe this week it will get posted. Ha!

Looks like Oli had a blast!! What a beautiful location too.

Take care.

MVW said...

Wow, looks like so much fun. Wish we could have been with Oli and all those hot and readys!

Laura said...

you attended to every detail... so cute and festive. you look good and match the party decor! :) good job. congrats kreg, and oli!! he looks so big walking around. only 9 more days!!! xo

Jackman Clan said...

Super cute! Everything turned out so well...Oli looks so happy!