Cecily had a field trip

 Cecily's class went on a field trip and I got to go and help. It was at a park and they had a blast! They rotated to different stations doing activities and had a teddy graham snack. The favorite station of all was the flying balloon station. The teachers would pump balloons full of air and let them fly into the air while the kids took turns chasing them around the field!

This girl can Hopscotch!

Mom, CC, and her fav Koto. This girl is Hilarious! She is Japanese so she speaks both languages, she kept telling me things in Japanese, I asked her what her favorite food was hoping she would say something Japanese but she answered "bacon".

 The Whole Class
 CC and her fav boy Tucker
 Parachute games
Getting ready to Chase her balloon!
And just because it was cute. The kids in their SGs

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The Robinson's said...

What a fun day!!

How come in the group picture she chose her fav boy to sit by instead of her fav girl? Hmm??? lol