Staying warm

Or at least trying to...You can find she and I here A LOT!

Wild hair

This is the result of a long fun day. CC likes to take out her hair when she is tired, it usually looks something like this!

Is she destined to do hair like her mom and so many others in her family? I think so! My little diva loves to do everyone's hair including Kreg's!

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home

CC and I went to the Mall of America the other day just to walk around. I always let CC get out of her stroller when we go by the roller coasters because it is big and she can run around. This time she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Diego standing large in real life. Now she has never even seen the show so she really doesnt know who Diego is but she likes Barney so she has definitely seen something similar to the character suit. She wouldnt get very close until after we go a picture taken and then she saw a bunch of kids touching him so she would go over very discreetly and touch Diego's leg with her little pointer finger. So cute to see her curiosity and a little bit of fear.

The Video is Cecily's nightly ritual of waiting for Dad to get home. She gets the pillows off the couch and stacks them on the floor so she can climb up then waits patiently yelling "Dadda" " are you?" (where are you) She always get so excited when the bus pulls up across the street and she see's Kreg walking home. He usually stops and throws a couple of snow balls at the window to give her a good laugh!


Brr Cold

This is what Cecily does when we say Brr its cold, she clenches her fist and teeth and shakes. well while we were in Cali everyone thought this was so funny especially CC's Aunts so whenever she made them laugh they would slap their leg while they laughed to emphasize the funniness well CC picked up on that hence the slapping of the table as she fake laughs! I tell you this girl is a riot! Definitely the life of our party!

A few of her favorite things!

Singing to happy birthday to Aunt Kimmi! Or just singing in general especially the I love you song at the end of each barney episode, or all of the fun songs we sing at nursery and story time!

Coloring. (she especially misses coloring on aunt paiges Home work!

Reading books with Dad and wearing all of her fun winter hats Gram made for her! Thanks again Gram!

Oh yea and did I mention barney or as CC says is Marney she loves this darn show and with out it on the airplane on the way home I would have lost my mind! Thanks Grandma W. for letting us borrow Barney!! Good thing this episode at least teaches her letters and animals!

Back to the TUNDRA!

My Dive ready to go with her Purse, Keys, and Shades!

We have been home in Minnesota for a week now and we are most definitely feeling the effects of winter here! This week we have felt temps of -30 something due to wind chill factors. Its really fun when you look online at the weather for the day and the high is -4 and the low is -17 but in fact the high for the day turns out to only be -22 and that's without the wind chill. But, we don't let the cold get us down or at least keep us in! CC and I were back to our activities that included a trip to the Children's museum to play in the water world and most of all the bubble tub! We took two trips to Walmart ( a trip in itself due to the fact that we live in the world of Target so Walmart is at least a 15 to 20 min drive I still make it though I like their LOW prices) and various other stores to re-stock our cupboards and fridge, three trips to three different malls to play (including the Mall of America to enjoy the aquarium and to watch the junior cheer leading competition)We met up with our friends at one of the said malls to play at the play place. We played in the snow for the first time in CC's short life a.k.a. touched the snow with four fingers.
Cecily is a summer girl like her Mom she throws tantrums like these every time she has to get bundled which is every time we go anywhere! We tried blowing bubbles outside because supposedly they freeze and its super cool but, on the day we did it, it apparently wasn't cold enough because our bubbles did not freeze just popped like usual! We will try again!!

Great Grammi and Gramps got CC a potty chair for Christmas so we have been practicing! Not trying hard I mean the girl is only 17 months but just getting used to the idea! We have had ONE successful go on the potty it was #2 to be exact if you catch my drift!

Caught red handed eating dad's sugar cereal. This girl knows where the goods are and unfortunately knows how to open the bag!


Love is in the air

Congrats to these two! A wedding in April will make two "1 flesh" as Craig would say! YAY for another Brother in-law

Could you ask for a cuter old couple?

My other sister in-law Paige and I spent all day setting up the Perfect Proposal scene in a park where Kim and Craig first held hands, Just to find out Craig couldn't help but give in to his excitement while they spent the day in S.F. and proposed on the golden gate bridge. They didnt tell us until after paige and I set everything up and HID in the dark and cold giggling like little girls while they did a "fake" proposal just to appease us! Its ok we forgive you we are just happy you are happy and are getting MARRIED!!!!

We love the sunshine

Cecily and I (and fred) had a little picnic last sunday after church! Thanks to California we can enjoy our favorite thing (sunshine)

This week

I went with Kreg, My brother in-law Mark and my soon to be brother in-law Craig (yes there will be to Kreg/criag's in our family and yes it is really confusing but we are figuring out nick names to make it a little easier) to the Warriors game in Oakland, It was suppose to be an all guys trip including my Father in-law but he ended up having to work so I took the extra ticket and crashed the boys night! It was a lot of fun we went to eat and then rode the Bart into the city. we sat high up at the game but it was perfect we could see everything and I feel like the higher up you sit the more interesting people you get to watch!!

On new years eve we went to Napa to stay with Kreg's grandparents and to go to his cousin Devyn's mocktail party. It was fun to play games and rockband with some of the cousins! We of course hit up the outlets in Napa which is one of the girls favorite things to do!

All in all we had a perfect close to a great year! so long 2008 we have a lot of great memories from you! Welcome 2009!!