Summer time fun!!

At the childrens museum there is a music room full of foam instruments, music playing and a stage with a camera so you can sing and dance and be projected on a tv. I asked her what she was playing she said the Violin like Aunt Paige, hence the chin on the guitar.
Found her like this before church, I'm guessing she was syking herself up for nursery.

I found her under the playground lounging, she said she was taking a break.

Not sure about htis display of Styling tools, whenever I would use the hot pads and put them back in the drawer I would come back later to find them here again. This is a permanent display in the living room. Modern art maybe???

Playing postman at the childrens museum.

She "borrowed" this squirt gun from a little boy, she then proceeded to sneakily run around and shoot random kids. She looks innocent but Watch OUT!!

6.5 weeks old

Cecily is no longer my baby, she is sooo big compared to Oli in everyway!

This little guy seriously LOVES his Dad! Kreg has the magic touch with him.

I accidently matched my kids for church, when I noticed it I couldnt help but take pictures! They are so cute!

Our little Oli is growing like a weed and starting to interact a little more, we are getting a few smiles out of him and he loves to watch us. He is sleeping better and just being the cuddly baby I love!!


My Best Gal

This Girl is so much fun all Day! She loves acting silly and is constantly saying Mom lets take a picture. SHe Hears me say it a lot I guess. She is such a good girl and is so patient with me and with Oliver. She often has to wait for my attention or to do things she wants because Oliver needs me. She is always making me laugh and LOVING on her baby brother. She Tells anyone we see about her NEW brother. She is such a good helper for me and is always getting me things I need for Oli.
OF course we have moments when the adjustment to two kids hits me or when it hits her. I have learned I am not a patient person by nature so its something I have to constantly focusing on. Cecily is smart and knows how to push my buttons so we are figuring out how to adapt and live with the change of having a new family member and being home without the car. Im learning each day about myself as a person, wife, and mama, and constantly finding many things to work on, Cecily is good to remind me of things I shouldn't say and do, nothing like having a real life conscience follow you around all day!!

This picture she wanted to put on the timer and take pics. she told me how to pose and everything!
she was cold so she got Kreg's suit coat to get warm.
Boy do we LOVE dancing in our house. She and I turn the music up and dance we have so much fun! The other night the Bishopric came over for a visit and CC got up and started whipping her hair around and dancing, Kreg looked at me like "What is she doing?" I simply said I told you we were dancing today" ha ha
she loves wearing my sunglasses in the car
I told you she is a good helper!


Best Helper.

Cecily does so much to help me all day long I often feel guilty asking her for the hundredth time to get a diaper for me or Oliver's binky. She doesnt mind at all, she really loves it at this point, so much that whenever I am cleaning she offers to help. She loves getting anti bacterial wipes and going around the house cleaning. She loves to fold laundry and put hers and Oli's clothes away, cleaning the windows and mirrors and "vacuuming" She will get her little plastic golf bag and pretend it is a vacuum, and getting the swiffer and dusting the furniture. I'm glad I started her doing chores as soon as she could walk so now when I do need her help and even more when she is older she is already used to having that responsibility. She is such a great girl!

Chucky Cheese

It has been a bit rainy here the past week or so, so between being stuck at home without a car and being stuck inside we were going a bit crazy and poor CC would say to me all day "I wish I could go to the park" or "I wish I could go swimming".

Kreg came home from work one evening and we knew we wanted to get out of the house so we decided CC would love to go to Chucky Cheese and play games. SO that is what we did. $5 for tokens is more than worth it to make this little girl happy! SHe had fun playing games with Kreg but her main goal was to get enough tickets to get a sucker. We could have gone to the store and spent a quarter to get her a sucker but, I guess its all about the experience!
She and Kreg rode this Roller Coaster ride, Kreg told her to hold his hand, so she did, and even interlocked fingers! I was laughing so hard. She obviously sees Kreg and I holding hands. They had a mini air hockey game, she had fun blocking Daddy's shots!

5 Weeks

Seriously cant believe this little guy is 5 Weeks. He is becoming more like his sister and turning into a high maintenance baby. We just aren't sure if we get these babies that are hard or if its our fault and we don't know what we are doing.

He is so unpredictable with his sleeping both day and night. I am trying to put him on a schedule the best I can but so far it isnt going very well. He doesnt seem to like his bed during the day so we rotate trying the swing, car seat, backpack, my bed to find out where he would like to sleep. We eventually figure something out or he'll just stay up for hours. Cecily has never been a good day time sleeper and gave up on naps a long time ago so Im really hoping Oliver wont be the same way. When he is awake he isnt very content, its like he doesnt know what he needs so he'll just be fussy and need to be held/rocked/bounced, this is when the backpack comes in real handy, He really likes feeling close to you and tight so he is swaddled most of the time.
Oliver developed some acne this week, but its already starting to get better, thank goodness we want him looking pretty to meet all his family when we go to UT/ID/WA/CA in a couple of weeks.

He Loves Kreg and Often times Kreg is the only one that can calm him down

Cecily is so good with him, she is always singing to him or talking to him trying to keep him happy. When I am holding him and he is sad she will tell me that Oli wants Dad or Oli really likes Dad. She gets so concerned when he cries.

He is getting big so fast, I had to put away all the Newborn sleepers away this week and bring out the 0-3 month he is just to long for the others. He wears some NB and some 0-3 month onsies, he has a really long torso and super short legs so he is still in NB pants. Looks like I have another one built like the Wagner's.

Cecily is so nice to share her baby with him!
We just love our little guy and feel so blessed to have him in our home. I know this part of the Newborn stage can be hard but even still I am loving every minute of him being little because I know how fast it will be over and he will be up and running and making us laugh at the funny things he'll say!

Splash Pad

Cecily and I had a Mommy/Daughter date and went to the splash Pad last week with friends, IT was so fun because she and I used to spend A LOT of time there last year while Kreg was living in UT.
I took a few shots of Cecily and when I got home I found the pictures of the splash pad from last year. She has changed so much! She learned how to smile for the camera and has gotten so big. She had just as much fun thought she will always be my water baby!!

These Top pics are from last year.

These are the pictures from a week ago.