Chucky Cheese

It has been a bit rainy here the past week or so, so between being stuck at home without a car and being stuck inside we were going a bit crazy and poor CC would say to me all day "I wish I could go to the park" or "I wish I could go swimming".

Kreg came home from work one evening and we knew we wanted to get out of the house so we decided CC would love to go to Chucky Cheese and play games. SO that is what we did. $5 for tokens is more than worth it to make this little girl happy! SHe had fun playing games with Kreg but her main goal was to get enough tickets to get a sucker. We could have gone to the store and spent a quarter to get her a sucker but, I guess its all about the experience!
She and Kreg rode this Roller Coaster ride, Kreg told her to hold his hand, so she did, and even interlocked fingers! I was laughing so hard. She obviously sees Kreg and I holding hands. They had a mini air hockey game, she had fun blocking Daddy's shots!

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Brittani said...

she is so adorable! her hair is getting long too. what fun.