Trip to Utah and CC's 1st Bday Part 2

We were so sad to leave californi, but, super excited to visit our family in Utah! We has so much fun like always, going to the pool, crafting, having a b-day party, going out to resturaunts, shopping, staying up late having long talks, doing hair, cooking, and getting pictures taken!! We love our time in utah everytime and feel sad to leave but, we know we only have until November until we are back!! Yay for weddings!! We had a fun bday party for CC Thank you agian to all of her Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles who gave her gifts we appreciate it more than you will ever know!! (now that we are home in Minnesota and getting somewhat settled I promise formal thank you's will be coming soon!!
The Reid girls!!
Me, my amost sister inlaw Carly, my mom, my sister sarah. We are so excited for My brother Scott and Carly to get married in November! She is such a cute girl and we are so happy that she doesnt think we are to crazy and wants to be apart of our family!

Anytime anyone was holding cousin Colten CC got a little green eyed and had to be apart of the action!
CC loves her Papa

Cecily and Ashton at the pool, We told Ash to hold on to her for the pic, He took that as an opportunity for a Choke Hold!!
Knocking down the blocks with Gram is sooo fun!!
Baby doll and bottles Gram & Papa gave her, Im so glad she loves a girly toy (I was begining to worry she was a tom boy)
Bubbles in the Hall at grams!!
Devouring her ladybug cupcake!Ashton needed a turn having happy bday sung to him and blowing out a candle!
LAdybug cake I made (I am pretty proud of myself for this)


My little LadyBug

My Sister and I made this tutu and ladybug wings for CC for her birthday/halloween! It was super easy and turned out so cute! Thanks Sar!


My heart is in Minnesota!!

Kreg left friday morning early to drive to Utah pick up his brother and head to Idaho to pick up all of our stuff, And now they are in the car/moving truck on their way to Minnesota! I cant tell my love how much I appreciate him for making that long trip in the car and for moving all of our stuff into a second level duplex!

I have had the hardest time excepting the move to Minnesota since it is so far from home and our families, but I am excited for this new adventure and for the time we will have with our own family to continue making our traditions and establishing ourselves as a family unit! It has been especially hard being away from my family this summer but now since we have lived with Kreg's family I have become so attached to them that it is even harder to leave but I am so grateful for the time I have had to be with my inlaws and strengthen my relationships with them!

I was so nervous about moving to CA for the summer but I wouldnt change it for anything I have absolutley loved every part of living here and I want to thank Kreg's parents for all they have done for us and given us, your generosity will never be forgotten. CC and I are going to have some major adjusting to do when it is just us at home all day instead of a house full of people to entertain us! We love you all so much!!

For17 more days my heart is with Kreg in Minnesota, I cant wait to be with you babe but I'm going to enjoy my last week in the sun in Cali and then my ten days in Utah with my family!!


Taking the Plunge!!

My Big brother Scott is FINALLY getting married! He got engaged last night to Carly and we couldnt be more excited and happy for them!! YAY for another sister!! Congrats you two!!


CC girl is ONE!!

Well almost, Her real b-day is on Saturday but since Kreg heads to Minnesota in the A.M. we had her party a little early. Some cousins are staying with us for the few days so Cecily has been having fun playing with all of the kids! Especially little Amy (2 1/2) CC has fun just following her around doing whatever she does! The kids all swam today then we had a short party with presents and cupcakes.

Cecily preformed just as expected, my serious little baby, She barely helped me open one present and then took off to play with the remote ( all the effort wrapping her gifts and I was the one that opened them by myself~ Lame) Then when it came time for singing and cake she had her famous stoned face on until the very end of the song. I was seriously suprised at how she went about the cupcake eating, Insted of putting it straight into her mouth like she does with most everything else she attacked it full force with her cute little mushing hands (when I would giver her tastes she acted like it was gross) then after she was bugged about the mess on her hands she decided it was easiest to lick them clean. Who's daughter is this girl, Kreg and I are the most non- serious people and we both are lovers of treats !(unfortunatley)
Over all it was fun for me to get excited abut the day even though it didnt live up to my own hype, I guess I set myself up for dissapointment I mean the girl really isnt even 1 yet!

More party pics to follow after we have her second 1st b-day in Utah with my family! Hopefully she will be a little more excited about it since she kinda knows whats coming!THANK YOU!!! to all of CC's grandparents and Great Grandparents for all of the gifts and Cards! We will be sending formal Thank you's but bare with us as we are in the process of moving across the country!! Love you all