We're Off!!!.......To Vegas!!

Catch you on the flip side...or maybe just when we get back from sun, shopping, swimming and food!



Our Easter was really low key but fun, My cousin Courtney and her hubby Travis came to church with us and then we had a yummy dinner and watched "I Am Legend" so scary!!  THey stayed over for a while and we talked and watched some good ol reality TV. There was no egg hunts or egg dyeing because CC is to young and we just didnt get that into it! maybe next year. 

But it was super fun to dress in our easter outfits especially Cecily! Thanks to Gram for purchasing the super cute dress and hair bow! Everyone adored CC like always!



Its about time to post some more pics of Cecily! She and I were bored waiting for Kreg to get home from school a week or so ago so we (meaning I) thought it would be fun to build a fort! She was loving her life in the box so I just through a blanket over the table and there you have it! She just looked at me like I was crazy! She thought it was funny when I would run around and scare her...maybe I am going crazy! I need warm weather bad!

I just love my little peanut she is getting so big! well not really she only weight 13 lbs and 12 oz She is 7 and 1/2 months and still wearing 3-6 month clothes! The Dr. always asks me if I feed her! I do I promise! She loves to eat!



Ok so Kreg and I decided that we really need to get into the habit of having FHE every week so Im here for some tips and ideas of lessons and whatever else. If you have any great books or manuals to help out please let me know!
A little update.. We went to utah for the weekend which was super fun like always! I love going and being able to get out do things..AKA shopping and going out to eat! Kreg flew to Cali saturday morning to pick up a car then drove home all day saturday. We are so grateful to Mom and Dad W. for their generosity. We gave our ION to Kreg's brother Mark, and we got an Altima with the trade. It is a better car for us solely for the extra space. Its crazy what one little 13 pound person needs when you go out of town. anyway we are so happy with the new ride and hope Mark loves the ION!! Thank you again to both of our families who do so much for us everyday!! My Sis gave me a super cute swimsuit (for my B day) that makes me feel so hot and SKINNY I just can't wait to be tan!! its a Shade swim suit, they are super modest and perfect for covering up the mommy belly. anyway I suggest you all check them out they are so worth it! shadeclothing.com or at Modbe Clothing I think I just might purchase another. Thanks sar!!
My mom, sister, the babies, and I are going to vegas in two weeks so I am so excited to show the suit off! I promise to post pics of us (mostly cc) soon!



Cecily and I went on a WALK today and it was amazinggg!! mostly just short and sweet but non the less we got to go out side!!!! oh and she says Dada~ of course she does. why wouldn't she? I am the one who is home with her all of the TIME!!! It is way cute though!!!



Thanks to my love Kreg, all my family, and friends I had a great day! Thank you all for your calls, texts and cards wishing me a happy day! Thanks to Kim for baby sitting for five hours and making me a yummy cake! Kreg took me to IF to see JUNO which was funny but I have to say Kreg and I are a little sensitive to crudeness so we were a bit uncomfortable watching some of the scenes. Then we went to Johnny Carino's YUM! Then did a little shopping. Later that night we had a bunch of friends over for cake and Ice cream! Over all it was a super fun day! I love birthdays my Mom always made them "our" special day and so far Kreg has done a very good job of taking over that role!