Fun times at the park!

                                                 Baking with Aunt Paige
                                                                 Bike riding

 Playing steam roll with daddy on the trampoline. this is Oliver's favorite activity ever!
                                 Bombing the kitchen with cars!
                                        My kids love acting like ducks??
                                 What would a trip to CA be without a trip to funworks?!!

We went to see my college room mates Rachel and Megan, CC had fun going on paddle boat rides with Meg and Rob and Addy too!



 Christmas Eve We always read the Nativity story, the kids had fun dressing as Mary and Joseph all week.
Oli helped grandma set up the Nativity Scene by using the roof as a slide for the animals! We are grateful for Grandma and her example and for always bringing the spirit back into the room, even with our wild kiddos!
                                         Cecily led us in some wonderful Christmas music.
 Then the kids opened their Christmas Eve PJs, Cecily and Paige got to work writing a letter to Santa to put next to the cookies and milk they made.
                      I was under the weather so all I could do was cuddle with my little lovies!
 Christmas morning running down the hall to the gifts. CC was to fast to get in the shot.
                                                    Checking out their stocking loot.
                     CC was stoked on her face paints See below for the fun she had with them!

We had a great time in CA and were so blessed to be with family. I am so grateful for Kreg and his family for taking care of me and the kids while I was sick! We love spending time in CA with all the Wagner family!!



 Christmas has been so fun this year so far! We are went to CA on the 16th so we decorated our house and the week before we left we let the kids open one present per night so they could play with some of their gifts we wouldn't be taking to CA with us. It was such a fun thing to do and it made the fun last longer than just an hour one morning! I kind of loved it so maybe we will do something similar for years to come.
  The kids have loved Santa this year. Especially Oliver. He thinks Santa is great and loves to say "Ho HO HO" just like Santa. We have been able to visit Santa a few times at the mall. We had one very indecisive 4 yr old. The first time she went she wanted an Ironing board and Iron, which is super funny to me considering I don't iron. Ever. The next time we saw Santa she told him she wanted a sewing machine. After lots of conversation about this one we decided she might need to wait a couple more years for a sewing machine. She finally decided on a digital Camera, so we visited him one last time in Christmas clothes. She told him she really wanted a camera and none of the other stuff! We also wrote him a letter and mailed it so that Santa wouldn't be confused by all the different requests. We figured to have it in writing would be the best bet!

 Oli couldn't take hie eye off of Santa. He was serious about him though.
For one of Oli's gifts he received a stuffed Santa toy from Great G&G B. He was sooo happy about this gift! He even sleeps with him, along with thing 1 and his froggy. He has really taken to stuffed animals lately, its cute!

I have loved teaching the kids about the true meaning of Christmas along with the pagan traditions. Oliver loves to find all the baby Jesus' in Nativities we see around the house and places we go. Cecily has learned about giving to others and even asked me the other day if she could go through all her toys and give some away to kids without toys. It melted my heart. She is such a sweet girl and really thoughtful!

 We are now in California spending time with Kreg and Grandma, Grandpa, aunt Paige! Posts to come from our time here in CA!


December so far

Cecily convinced me to decorate for Christmas even though we are leaving in a week and wont be here for the big day. It was fun to do together and has been nice to have our home decorated a little to get us in the Christmas mood!

 We went swimming and to dinner with some friends. We have been keeping busy doing fun things late into the evening now that Kreg works late each night. It makes our days more fun and managable when we are out and about doing fun activities!
             CC and I made Flubber during Oli's nap. She had fun playing with it for a good hour.
 Playing puppy at the museum

 We went to the Children's museum with friends and Cecily had so much fun painting hers and Oli's faces.
                                                 Fullfilling the dream of being a bus driver.
                                   My kids both gained the shopping gene from me!
               CC fulfilling her life long dream of being a checker. What can I say my kids aim high.
                                   I caught these to being loving. They do so well together. Cecily especially is so great with Oli. She is so sweet and loving towards him. She is always taking care of him and looking out for him. She really puts him first before herself. At the gym when he is sad she will forego playing with friends to be with him so he will be comforted. She is such a sweet girl and a fabulous 2nd mama! Now if she could only have her wish of a baby sister!

CC took out the lenses out of these sunglasses. She said she could finally see after all these years of being blind! ha ha silly girl. I'm sure glad cheapo glasses without lenses cured her blindness!

We are keeping busy with School for the kids 3 days a week, I am working at the gym 2 days a week and we fill the rest of our time with playing, going to the gym to workout, and getting ready for our upcoming trip to CA for the Holiday!!



 Oliver's 1st time really playing in snow. He learned quickly from his sister that snow is fun to eat!
                           Since we havent gotten him snow boots he wore his cowboy boots.

                                                  Dressing up in Mom's high heels!
                                                     Sweet rides on Daddy's feet

                                    I just love these little raggamuffins! They never slow down as shown above...they have one speed. Ask Oli and he'll say FAST!!


Holidazzle Parade!

We had so much fun going down town to watch the Holidazzle Parade! We dressed warm (could have worn a few more layers) and sat on some random nice lady's twins blanket. The kids loved the lights, music, and the floats! We got hot chocolate and ginger bread men cookies from the Target people. It was a great family outing!