Christmas Eve We always read the Nativity story, the kids had fun dressing as Mary and Joseph all week.
Oli helped grandma set up the Nativity Scene by using the roof as a slide for the animals! We are grateful for Grandma and her example and for always bringing the spirit back into the room, even with our wild kiddos!
                                         Cecily led us in some wonderful Christmas music.
 Then the kids opened their Christmas Eve PJs, Cecily and Paige got to work writing a letter to Santa to put next to the cookies and milk they made.
                      I was under the weather so all I could do was cuddle with my little lovies!
 Christmas morning running down the hall to the gifts. CC was to fast to get in the shot.
                                                    Checking out their stocking loot.
                     CC was stoked on her face paints See below for the fun she had with them!

We had a great time in CA and were so blessed to be with family. I am so grateful for Kreg and his family for taking care of me and the kids while I was sick! We love spending time in CA with all the Wagner family!!

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