Christmas has been so fun this year so far! We are went to CA on the 16th so we decorated our house and the week before we left we let the kids open one present per night so they could play with some of their gifts we wouldn't be taking to CA with us. It was such a fun thing to do and it made the fun last longer than just an hour one morning! I kind of loved it so maybe we will do something similar for years to come.
  The kids have loved Santa this year. Especially Oliver. He thinks Santa is great and loves to say "Ho HO HO" just like Santa. We have been able to visit Santa a few times at the mall. We had one very indecisive 4 yr old. The first time she went she wanted an Ironing board and Iron, which is super funny to me considering I don't iron. Ever. The next time we saw Santa she told him she wanted a sewing machine. After lots of conversation about this one we decided she might need to wait a couple more years for a sewing machine. She finally decided on a digital Camera, so we visited him one last time in Christmas clothes. She told him she really wanted a camera and none of the other stuff! We also wrote him a letter and mailed it so that Santa wouldn't be confused by all the different requests. We figured to have it in writing would be the best bet!

 Oli couldn't take hie eye off of Santa. He was serious about him though.
For one of Oli's gifts he received a stuffed Santa toy from Great G&G B. He was sooo happy about this gift! He even sleeps with him, along with thing 1 and his froggy. He has really taken to stuffed animals lately, its cute!

I have loved teaching the kids about the true meaning of Christmas along with the pagan traditions. Oliver loves to find all the baby Jesus' in Nativities we see around the house and places we go. Cecily has learned about giving to others and even asked me the other day if she could go through all her toys and give some away to kids without toys. It melted my heart. She is such a sweet girl and really thoughtful!

 We are now in California spending time with Kreg and Grandma, Grandpa, aunt Paige! Posts to come from our time here in CA!

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Shari said...

Glad you are having a good Christmas Anna. The kids look darling with Santa and the sleeping photo of Oli melts my heart. My grandbabies should be home in a couple of days than the festivities can begin here too. :)