New Sewing Maching

My parents spoiled me for my birthday and gave me money for a new sewing machine. Im not a pro and still learning so I wanted one that was easy to use but would last me while I advance. I chose this one because it had all that I wanted and more and it was a great price! I have made a few projects this weekend and ofcourse they were for my C-girl!

The first one was this super easy wrap around dress, (How is that for a CHEESE face)
My Mom bought one for my sister's baby from the quilted bear so we simply used it as a pattern and then sewed a few more. This is the 4th or 5th I've made like this so I did it pretty fast! I got some cute vintage fabric that was on sale at Joanns for 1.50 per yard! Its reversible so I'm sure the other side will pop up in another pic on another post sometime this summer! I kept telling my Mom that the dresses were a little short in the back and I felt better if CC had leggins on under it, well come to find out this dress is ment to be worn with blummers or petty pants so that is my next project!

The next project started out as this and then I made it into this! Super easy and super fast!! Here is a link to a tutorial! They sell these cute bandanas at Target for like $10 yea right would I pay that for a bandana, so I went to the Salvation Army Target I told you about HERE and got it for $2 I can handle that! So a skirt for CC for $2 that can grow with her, when she gets taller I will just add a strip of Fabric to the bottom to make it longer!

This project was a little trickier my mom gave me this for my b-day but it just didnt fit right so instead of giving it away I thought I will make it into a dress for cc! (This is what I got when I told her to put her hands on her hips, She must of thought I sad put your hands in your PITS!)
I have made the peasant style dress before but this time I wanted to do different sleeves so I improvised without a pattern. It turned out OK but dont look to closely!



The Happy Couple
Mother of the BRIDE

 The Big Day came and went super fast. We worked so hard and put in so much time for a short two hour party but it sure was great! Craig and Kim got married april 18, 2009 in the Oakland, CA temple. The ceremony was great and really special for Kreg and I because they had the same sealer as we did. The reception was beautiful they had it at a friend of the family's house and it turned out perfect. The colors were Greens (like my wedding outfit) Brown, Cream, and Gold it was very classy. We had fun visiting with Family and Friends all day and of course eating all the yummy food! 

Grandpa, me and CC, and cousin Devy! Devyn and I are the cosmetologists of the Family so we instantly had lots in common! She is so so cute! I cant wait for her to come visit CC and I this summer!
CC got caught sneaking into the cookies at the temple! I didnt want her getting anything on her dress so it was a big NO NO!

My Cute Family

Dad and Daughter

The Married Couple

Kim and Craig arrived a week before the wedding, and boy did that make the trip even more fun! We had a blast spending time with them. CC loved uncle Craig and loved playing with him all the time! He was such a good sport and such a great help to me to entertain her.

We are so happy for you both and so glad to have Craig in the family! I couldn't have asked for a better addition as my BRO in law.

We threw Kim a Shower and a bachelorette party in which we went and got pedicures. Cecily had so much fun soaking her feet in the pedi water with me. She even practiced her swimming kicks, poor nail girl got splashed in the face before I could get CC to stop. It was pretty funny though. We also went with Kim to the temple when she recieved her endowments that was a great experience and Cecily had fun having a photo shoot with aunt paige on the temple grounds. Photos below:
Oakland temple

CC really loves her bearI got suckered into the backpack rides!

We had our first swim of the year! Even thought the pool wasnt heated Cecily didn't care and jumped right in~ Kreg had to go in after her!

Congrats again to Aunt Paige the new Junior miss of Modesto! Good luck at state we will be cheering you on from MN!
The next post will contain lots of Pics from the WEDDING!!

Future American Idol

Cecily loved being with Paige like I said before, but especially when she was on the computer. Paige turned on the music for the Charly Theme song and Cecily sang her own words to it.

Egg hunt Video

Easter and Egg hunt

Apparently CC's scrunched cheese face was inherited from her mother!

We went up to Napa for an Easter Egg Hunt Cousin Zach put on the biggest hunt ever for his Duty of God Award. They live on about 5 acres so there were lots of places to hide the eggs. There were what felt like hundreds of kids, for sure hundreds of plastic eggs filled with Candy, There was face painting, cartoon character drawings, jumping on the tramp, a BBQ and an easter bunny that hopped all over the yard and pooped out eggs!

CC really wanted to Jump on the trampoline, if you look close at her face you will notice it didnt go as well as she thought. so I took her off and we got this face. She has a new thing where she pouts and says "I'm Sad" such a DRAMA QUEEN!!

Cecily had so much fun searching for eggs and was so proud of herself for finding them. She loved the Bunny from a far but got a little nervous when he came to close. It was so much fun!

Easter morning Grandpa suprised everyone with easter bags/baskets CC got a sweet bubble gun and lots of candy.
And of course you have to have a new easter dress/skirt. I made this one for CC too.


We had a blast in CA like always! We did a lot of wedding errands and planning but had tons of fun with Kreg's family while we did it! I defiantly got to know a new side of my mother in law and I introduced my sarcastic cynical side to her. (sorry Susan I had to much fun teasing you) Susan worked so hard to give Kim the wedding of her dreams and it turned out beautiful! Susan is a perfectionist and it showed everything was perfect!! I had lots of fun spending our days with you Susan.CC and Grandma cleaning the kitchen floor (I told you she was a perfectionist)!

Like I said in a previous post my Father in law Paul built a swing set for the grand kids and CC had a blast on it. She could climb up the pegs to the slide all by herself, her fav was the swing though! She had fun playing with Fred (the dog) and bossing him around. Paul is amazing and so thoughtful he would always notice when I was getting stressed or tired with CC and would offer to watcher while I napped or went to the gym or could get on the computer, he is so caring and cares so much about other people. He also bought me a GYM membership while I was there since the YMCA in Modesto closed down I wasnt able to use my own pass. Thank you so much again Paul I appreciate all you do for me.Cecily's second favorite toy was the hiking backpack. She was a happy girl when someone would give in and give her a ride. I think she just liked being up high and being able to see everyone instead of just looking at peoples knees all day.

We had fun with Aunt paige too! On previous visits CC wasnt to partial to Paige but boy did she have a change of heart she LOVES paige, almost to the point of OBSESSION. She was always wanting to be with her or when she wasnt home CC would go around calling her name looking for her. Since we have been home Cecily loves looking at Pics of her and Paige.