New Sewing Maching

My parents spoiled me for my birthday and gave me money for a new sewing machine. Im not a pro and still learning so I wanted one that was easy to use but would last me while I advance. I chose this one because it had all that I wanted and more and it was a great price! I have made a few projects this weekend and ofcourse they were for my C-girl!

The first one was this super easy wrap around dress, (How is that for a CHEESE face)
My Mom bought one for my sister's baby from the quilted bear so we simply used it as a pattern and then sewed a few more. This is the 4th or 5th I've made like this so I did it pretty fast! I got some cute vintage fabric that was on sale at Joanns for 1.50 per yard! Its reversible so I'm sure the other side will pop up in another pic on another post sometime this summer! I kept telling my Mom that the dresses were a little short in the back and I felt better if CC had leggins on under it, well come to find out this dress is ment to be worn with blummers or petty pants so that is my next project!

The next project started out as this and then I made it into this! Super easy and super fast!! Here is a link to a tutorial! They sell these cute bandanas at Target for like $10 yea right would I pay that for a bandana, so I went to the Salvation Army Target I told you about HERE and got it for $2 I can handle that! So a skirt for CC for $2 that can grow with her, when she gets taller I will just add a strip of Fabric to the bottom to make it longer!

This project was a little trickier my mom gave me this for my b-day but it just didnt fit right so instead of giving it away I thought I will make it into a dress for cc! (This is what I got when I told her to put her hands on her hips, She must of thought I sad put your hands in your PITS!)
I have made the peasant style dress before but this time I wanted to do different sleeves so I improvised without a pattern. It turned out OK but dont look to closely!


Rich, Brittani, and Nugs said...

wow! she is so much more expressive in these pictures than i have ever seen! we missed you guys since we weren't able to go to the wedding. hope it was great!

Jackman Clan said...

I love her cheese face! Good job on the clothes, they turned out really well!

Cassie said...

I have been saving up for a sewing machine, and have been looking at that one. Do you like it? Is there anything you don't really like about it?

Kiera and Brian said...

I wish i had your sewing skills! I love the little dresses! And Cecily is getting so big and she is super cute like always!

Chelsie said...

anna you are amazing!!! i'm so impressed with you, and those turned out darling