We had a blast in CA like always! We did a lot of wedding errands and planning but had tons of fun with Kreg's family while we did it! I defiantly got to know a new side of my mother in law and I introduced my sarcastic cynical side to her. (sorry Susan I had to much fun teasing you) Susan worked so hard to give Kim the wedding of her dreams and it turned out beautiful! Susan is a perfectionist and it showed everything was perfect!! I had lots of fun spending our days with you Susan.CC and Grandma cleaning the kitchen floor (I told you she was a perfectionist)!

Like I said in a previous post my Father in law Paul built a swing set for the grand kids and CC had a blast on it. She could climb up the pegs to the slide all by herself, her fav was the swing though! She had fun playing with Fred (the dog) and bossing him around. Paul is amazing and so thoughtful he would always notice when I was getting stressed or tired with CC and would offer to watcher while I napped or went to the gym or could get on the computer, he is so caring and cares so much about other people. He also bought me a GYM membership while I was there since the YMCA in Modesto closed down I wasnt able to use my own pass. Thank you so much again Paul I appreciate all you do for me.Cecily's second favorite toy was the hiking backpack. She was a happy girl when someone would give in and give her a ride. I think she just liked being up high and being able to see everyone instead of just looking at peoples knees all day.

We had fun with Aunt paige too! On previous visits CC wasnt to partial to Paige but boy did she have a change of heart she LOVES paige, almost to the point of OBSESSION. She was always wanting to be with her or when she wasnt home CC would go around calling her name looking for her. Since we have been home Cecily loves looking at Pics of her and Paige.

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